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February 6th, 2013

Luo Hao reprimanded angrily to a , wrinkly moncler jackets sale eyebrows, again way:”This medicine powder you all stay 1:00, however temporarily don’t use, in case incensed those people, true if the circumstances arrived the situation that can not save, that doesn’t want to hesitate, give I immediately is on the weapon and only keep on living, two of you would continue the small Die in front blame the baseness of that boy and understood?”
Lin Jian.
Expecting Na is virtuous and seven members of the Liao tooth mercenary soldier regiment, quickly fly Lue, a the facial expression Yin is cold, corner of mouth Qin write the Yin smile.
“Xiu Xiu Xiu!”
An arrows Shi, suddenly project at Lin Jian, those arrows Shi quickly and malicious, the person of the the Liao tooth mercenary soldier regiments force, have to come to a stop to cope with.
Expect Na virtuous fiercely come to a stop, the Hey Hey smiled to smile, he shrink in the right hand in the cuff of sleeve and finally stretched out, this is unexpectedly a silver light flickering iron hand, iron hand is a , a regiment silver only and suddenly explodes to project, in the unreal, the silver is only divided into seven curved months knife long grass, fiercely hide body place to fly toward Luo Hao.
“Mao Mao Mao!”
The place that knife long grass leads, Lin Jian’s tree branch explodes in succession ground drop to drop down, the knife long grass vehemence doesn’t reduce and gleam the silver that shoots a person only and fiercely bombard in Luo Hao’s position.
One stub thou tree is chopped in two by the knife long grass, bomb however tumble down, Luo Hao’s figure one Shan but die, again at Lin Jian Yin have no.
“Diagram herding, you with gold Mo to there make track for, hand over to us here.”Expected virtuous dark of Na to wear a face to smile to smile, gave repeated advice to a way:”Superior all here, only two women leave first, there is also a boy.Remember, the woman can want the live, if you put to death, this you a crystal currency doesn’t also want to get hold of!”
“The chief trusts, I promise that the my daughter person whom you want makes cleanly and waits you to come over to ruthlessly wait upon her.”The diagram herding roars with laughter, ” gold Mo, we walk first!Ha ha, that hot Niangs, in a short while I first up, you are lucky, can taste this time two fresh.”
“Hey Hey, I already no time for waiting.”Another ugly mercenary soldier with pimples all over the face is also to roar with laughter, follow diagram herding to leave together.
“Is not good!”Luo Hao heart in a surprised, will deliver a signal to make track for to pass by.
He has no idea to expect to expect Na virtuous on this kind of affair, will so have experience, this guy unexpectedly a see his plan, have already aimed at sexual of assigned hand to make track for shot Di Ya Lan in the past.
“Leave.”Expect virtuous sneer of Na, already toward Luo Hao blunt past, ” friend, don’t you want to drag along us?Now like, I still really didn’t walk, you don’t also be busy in leaving, we lead to come to grips, the activity exercises.”
Expect Na virtuous on moving, moreover a few mercenary soldiers also spread out and start searching the trace of beard dragon and Zhao Xin.
Di Ya Lan carries Mu language Die and shuttles at Lin Jian, each one step stops for a rest, her robust beautiful leg then and fiercely Deng ground, the strongly built hot Tong cheap moncler realizes to suddenly flee a several rices and imitates the female leopard son that the Buddha a head of pursues and arrests a find.
Speed, Di Ya Lan Yao hip place under the battle armor of the short skirt float in the sky aweather, she that is plentiful the hip standing twist a radian charming, was full of astonishing flexibility.
The stone cliff after death appreciates at her and secretly doesn’t already praise highly, dark way this Di Ya Lan the shape is indeed as expected hot, no wonder that those mercenary soldiers will be so infatuated with her.
“The smelly boy don’t always stare at the bottom of old Niang to see, notice one more point of surroundings environments and see to have the trace of the monster activity of demon.”The Di Ya Lan’s empress carries on the back, be like grew eyes, in the middle of running about wildly she suddenly called.
“Do not hold up.There is temporarily no the trace of demon monster activity in”stone cliff the mouth smiled to smile, ” neighborhood, however seem someone is making track for us, I seem to be already to hear a slight step voice.”
“Someone makes track for shot we?”Di Ya Lan Xin in a surprised, ” can’t?Luo big uncle their 3 people can’t didn’t block those wild dogs in the behind?”
The stone cliff fiercely stops and crouches down to ear to stick ground and listenned to for a while, the dark wears a face way:”The Luo big uncle still really don’t block all wild dogs and have two have already soon caught up to come.”
Di Ya Lan Yi Zheng, also in place ahead stopped down, facial expression heavy way:”Boy, you continue to go forward behind Ms. Mu’s back, I stay to deal with them.”
“Not, I stay.”
The stone cliff shook to shake head, deeply absorbed an one breath and sank a track:”I am about to try recently the training achievement of a period of time, you continue to go forward, I will keep up with of.H’m, I conveniently leave two marks again in case the big uncle in a short while took off to trap, unable to find we.”
“You ……” Mu language Die is overdo to come in the Di last time of Ya Lan Bei , foolish foolishly looking at him, only order flicker in the Mou, Qiao face last facial expression complicated way:”This matter originally didn’t relate to with you.”
“I know.”The stone cliff is alarmed on smiling, ” because of you, this affair and I Be getting more relevant.I owe your human feelings and haven’t finished compensating and waited I to feel to repay fully, you even if is to want to stay me, I will determinedly leave.”Flick, the stone cliff presses Di Ya Lan:”Elder sister, do you return Leng to do what?”
Di Ya Lan Xin has cant not bear to, emphatically don’t be overdo to go, small track:”Smelly boy keeps on living well for me.If you can really and again keep up with, I, I can make you touch for a while mine ……bottom.”The words fall, Di Ya Lan Yi stamps foot and ruthlessly hurtled to go out.
“Ha ha, that you cleaned to wait for me.”What about stone cliff open a mouth, loudly shout a way toward her direction:”I in a short while came right away.”
The Di Ya Lan’s body is one Zhan, almost fell heel head, red the face grind teeth dark scold:”This blamed little bastard!”

The stone cliff lifts a bayonet and depicts a butterfly pattern of thick Lou on two big trees first and soon after and quickly climbs one among those stubs big tree and use a bayonet treetop arm the thick thin tree branch cut down and be divided into five, quickly pare a point, “seven snake Xians”s of confused and at the tip of daubery.
This a chain of affairs, he cost two minutes time.
After two minutes, diagram the herding and gold Mo is these two persons of the wolf tooth mercenary soldier regiments, on schedule but go to.
Diagram herding, gold Mo 2 people basically have no will he and two women put in the eye, time shuttle at Lin Jian, also the full face Yin smiles of talk words, negotiate in a short while how the Xie play Di Ya Lan.
Pare sharp tree branch, kids moncler once wore an one slice leaf, imitate stubborn sunlight of Buddha general, project toward the diagram herding and gold Mo.

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February 6th, 2013

Feel imperceptibly timberland boots sale a fall get fed up with such as crisp, upsurge different emotion in the chest, Wang Si Yu once explores body and by hand pointed to carefully touch her fine bridge, the cherry lips of beautiful desire drop, and then put at her a white delicate high Bo neck as the swan up, hope that towering breast, hold breath, slowly slip pass by.”Do not!”Rather expose to suddenly open eyes, water Mou in, entreating is full of color, a jade hand also catches Wang Si Yu’s palm, quivering voice way:”Small Yu, stops bottom, need not pressed again.” Wang Si Yu’s point nods and stood, the Duo wears to tread son in the room, a long time, and then walk to the window side, look beyond the scenery of afar, freak mood, become to fall calm gradually, return to a bedside to sit down, hope a red Qiao face of that all over the face Fei, light tone way:”Do not fear, sleep.” Rather the dew lightly shakes head and gentle and softly hopes Wang Si Yu, purse one’s lips way:”Small Yu’s listenning to the elder sister advising , before getting married, can be a playboy, after getting married, must lay up idea, you were still young, put energy on the business, I believed, at rather the son-in-law of house in, you were second to none.””Why like this affirmative?”Wang Si Yu is tiny tiny on smiling, from the fruit bowl in took off a grain of grape, after peeling, sent to rather expose of lips side.Rather the dew contained grape and by hand dauted show hair, sincere tunnel:”Is an intuition, your good natured, the last lord will bless to protect yours.” Wang Si Yu smiles, light tone way:”The dew exposes elder sister, that is perhaps an illusion, besides, my pouring is to feel, thick a little blacker just can walk more far on the officialdom.” Rather expose once the purse one’s lips smile and shake head a way:”God’s way Chou frequently, thick virtuous carry a thing, is regardless an officer for the people, as long as press these eight words do, always inerrable.””Is reasonable.”Wang Si Yu’s point nods, wearing a smile hope this beautiful and charming little*Fu, no longer utter a word.Once beat to mourn a bottle, the complexion rather exposing became to best, on the Qiao face of that delicate white be suffused with light red and dizzy and deliver more sweet and charming and moving, lunch after, she changed a snow-white suspender skirt and put on sunglasses, and Wang Si Yu’s door, 2 people didn’t beat a car, but had no destination to loiter about and browsed the prosperous prospects of street in New York.After an hour, feel some Be getting more tired, arrived inside Xie in coffee shop to in a short while, then under the proposal rather exposed beat a car to go to central park, the protection water in park, rented a boat, Wang Si Yu shakes Lu and rows the boat to the water center, embrace a shoulder to lie down, allow boat to drift with the breeze.Rather expose a mood best, take to begin a medium digital camera, clap the scenery of surroundings daintiness, and then jilted to deliver and once turn body, aim at lens Wang Si Yu and smile to sing tunnel under the show:”How, isn’t seeming the fascination high?” Wang Si Yu smiles, sat and stretched hand to do’V’matrix, lightly the in a flash , after treating to take photo, then wants to camera and aimed at an in front beautiful big beauty, light tone way:”The dew exposes elder sister and come to the shape that live an amiability.” Rather the dew smiles a to smile, slanting head, vomit joss-stick.Tongue, the hands explore toward lake and raise one water fog.Wang Si Yu according to move shutter, clap next her very naughty appearance, smile a way:”Change a posture, come to a fair lady again to shine on.” Rather the dewdrop nods, the skirt put, a pair of beautiful legs hand over to fold together and kneel to sit on the deck, the specialty starts to pay Han, as if deep in thought the ground hope Wang Si Yu, the lips side starts to hang up to movingly smile an idea.In the heart of Wang Si Yu on concussing, through the lens, stare at in front this very charming wonderful person,

cant not bear to press the shutter, very long, timberland uk just clapped a , again insatiably greedy tunnel:”The dew exposes elder sister, again come to piece a little bit more sexy of, be full of temptation, stirring heart soul of.” Rather exposed Shu ground to blush, once turned body, chuckle way:”Can’t, really can’t.” Wang Si Yu smiles and puts camera by the side of the leg, light tone way:”Is unimportant, I come to teach you.” Rather expose some flusters, repeatedly put a hand way:”Small Yu, need not, have already clapped much better.” Wang Si Yu gathered together in the past and grasped her snow-white Hao wrist, the arm that that lotus Ou sort white got fed up with, put at her after death, and then handed her fragrant shoulder with a hand, another hand arrived on the her back and lightly delivered dint, let she ex- the chest started to stand and hanged up together perfect captivating curve, later on, and then pulled a Liu show to deliver, send to her lips side, lightly say with smile:”Bite at.” Rather dew already the ear is very popular, disgracing the Sao is difficult be, lightly shake head, a bit difficult is feeling tunnel:”Not!””Is obedient, right away good!”Wang Si Yu stretches out finger and take her Han, smile way:”The dew exposes elder sister, this is the last piece, you have to match with.” Rather exposing is hesitant next, red the face point nod and bit one Liu show hair, and then raise pure white right hand, stir the supporter of shoulders to the arm to bend up, peep out a pretty lock bone, the skin of the half side suet sort delicate white, later on, she raises Han, the cherry lips pushes open and use very have alluring Mou to only hope Wang Si Yu, the soft breasts rises and falls not certain, look in the eyes inside, twinkle different ray of light, hang up a soul Duo soul, the charming manner is horizontal to living.Wang Si Yu is stunned speechless, foolishly looking at her, even forgot handy camera, a heart wildly didn’t already jump in the chest, at present of rather expose, is no longer that dignified and cultured beautiful Fu, all over the body and up and down, be full of a kind of untamed nature of beautiful, beautiful arrive hard description, it make people suffocate, while that kind of deliberately make a seducing of, the nobody can resist.In this a moment, time imitated a Buddha to solidify, the surroundings one is silent, leaves a bulky breather voice, endlessly is in the middle to see, rather expose the countenance in the eye to gradually draw off, become to dim down, sighed tone, chase supporter pullout shoulders, once turned body, had some desolate tunnel:”Small Yu, I wanted to return to.” Wang Si Yu is lightly comfortable tone, order, soft-voiced way:”Dew dew elder sister, you come to shake Lu.” Rather expose silently a station to rise and gingerly walk to the stern and sit down, the hands just touched ship Lu, Xian the slender waist was lived by the Lan, she the Jiao Qu is one Zhan, in fear tunnel:”Small Yu loosen a hand quickly.””Dew dew elder sister, don’t be nervous.”Wang Si Yu shut eyes and lightly kissed she slips to get fed up with of Bo neck, silently track:”Shake Lu and arrived near the bank, you freedom.””Do not ……do not so, don’t so, the elder sister wants to die!”Rather the dew pauses for breath to twist slender waist and by hand pulls and drags Wang Si Yu’s arm, the nail of sharp point, sink into his muscle, feebly struggle.”It is lovely, have to be obedient.”Wang Si Yu is horizontal to embrace her, the body in Fu, hope that tide.Red Qiao face, gentle and soft tunnel.Rather exposing is abashed and angered,

the hands support Wang Si Yu’s chest, the body makes timberland boots uk great effort outwardly the side pour to go, the United States the Mou is restraining tears, Xuan however desire Qi tunnel:”Small Yu, stop here, the elder sister doesn’t blame you, otherwise, I was disgraced to keep on living.””Good, don’t fear, we this returns to.”Wang Si Yu’s in the mind a soft, sighed tone, catch a that ice-cold small hand, put on the ship Lu, four hands handed over to fold together and lightly flicked to move, the boat is in the Zhi ah Zhi ah in the voice, start to concuss one circle ripple, drive to the near the bank.Chapter 138 entwines to return to in home and has already at dusk arrived a cent and rather appears to cover cold frost and opens Kun to wrap, from in take out the ball ticket of two NBAs, by hand tore into fragment, throw waste-paper basket, and then picked up Wang Si Yu’s briefcase, throw in the past, abashed angered tunnel:”Small Yu, you the action today, be really divided too much, people could not forgive, you leave, and we aren’t meeting again.” Although early there is mental state preparation, audibility this time words, Wang Si Yu still tiny knit the brows, in the mind ice-cold one, however turn to read a to think, in fact also strange oneself, degree of heating non-arrival, reckless act, caused to rather expose not quickly.Although, still can be soft to whet a hard bubble at this time, pacify the emotion of the other party, Wang Si Yu slightly on deliberating, or canceled this mind, decided to temporarily yield an one step, don’t force too tightly, in case get just the opposite.”Is all right, the dew exposes elder sister, you don’t have to be angry and remember much a rest, sometimes, I will come over to see yours.”Wang Si Yu sighed tone and clipped briefcase in the armpit and walk to the side of door, and then once turned body, tone light and soft tunnel.Rather the dew turns the face to a flank and hopes the yarn drapery of ivory and mollified tone, naturally way:”Need not, you still with concentration train, I want to return to country some days, momentary half meeting, can’t come back, small Yu, don’t the strange elder sister get angry, you want to every moment remember, our 2 people’s identity, can not outstrip boundary, otherwise, the result is unbearable to imagine.””Dew dew elder sister, you need not return to country elusion, either and haven’t yet your to allow, I can’t come a disturbance.”The unwillingness of Wang Si Yu extrudes a smiling face and pushed door to walk to go out, very quick small hospital, disappear in the disturbingly noisy street.Originally, he can with the powerful way occupy a dew rather, but action like that, the beyond doubt meeting gives rather dew result in tremendous injury, that is what he would not like to see.Wang Si Yu rather exposed but again to have some to regret after leaving, felt oneself’s words too heavy, make not good, will bruise Wang Si Yu’s sense of pride, she takes out a cellular phone and wants to stir a telephone explains for a while and fear again the other party will wrong idea, come to entwine again to, before thinking after thinking, still keep forgetting about it.Lean on on the sofa, rather expose the ground of Zheng Zheng stunned, enjoy in retrospect an act of the occurrence of lake, still feel to increase heart beats, on the face a burst of battlefield hair hot, the favour returns to a bedroom and kneels to sit on the bedside, the hands hold before chest and devoutly say the prayers:”All-powerful lord, my guilty, please forgive our offenses …… all-powerful of lord, my guilty, please forgive our offenses ……” once had supper after returning to black text City of Niu and returned to a bedroom inside, Wang Si Yu washed hot bath,

lie in the bathtub, touch begin machine, give rathertimberland store dew delivered an English message, for the exciting of afternoon, mean apology, and hope to obtain her understanding.Spread soon’every drop’two ring, the message rather exposing returned to come over, she also examine own behavior, think to is too happy, have fun a bit intemperately, this just loses control Wang Si Yu’s accident, affair take place in the afternoon, she also has the responsibility to can not evade.Wang Si Yu is tiny tiny on smiling, then stired number, beat telephone in the past, can on connecting to stir several times, rather the dews Be not willing to connect to listen to, helpless under, have to again deliver a few messages, the oath solemnly pledged ground does assurance, can’t do one more improper of raise, rather dew just beat telephone back, as if nothing has occurredly chat to have the affair of preparing and planning the wedding.Next day, almost every evening, Wang Si Yu all wants to make a phone call in the past and inquires after sb’s health and protects to have into, although have no the slightest frivolous and explicitly seduce, that silent care, also let rather dew after appreciating, some uneasy, heart in, was full of negative offense feeling.Time leads very quickly and turns an eye and passed by for a month, 2 people converse of time also more and more long, from first 56 minutes, more than 10 minuteses, half hour, till the last of 23 hours, seem to be every nights to have the topic to say to don’t finish, just before sleep and before, the telephone gruel of Bao last time sweet, became 2 people to expect together of affair.This evening, once washed hot bath, rather the dew blows dry wet.The show of the Lu Lu delivers and make change a soft slippery such as silk of pajama, lie on the bed, in quiet turn over a book, often lift up head, hope the clock on the wall.Until at the mid-night 11:30, still disappear a telephone to beat, she cans not helps some confused and worrieds and throws the book to a flank and then turn off bracket lamp and pulls a quilt to lie down and opens cherry lips and bit one Liu show hair, silently think worry.After 20 minutes, a burst of and clear and crisp cellular phone bell ring rings out, rather the dew smiles one clean jade arm of smile, stretching out and touches begin machine from the bedstand and saw number and then humed 1, connected to talk on the phone and had never liked to annoy tunnel:”The small Yu , what is the row, so late just beat!””Beauty, wait worried?”Spray wine spirit in Wang Si Yu’s mouth, slanting in the bedside, roar with laughter tunnel.Rather show face ascend a red, the facial expression becomes great universe not, the Cu rises to show eyebrow, pretend angry tunnel:”The small Yu don’t blather words, again so flippant, I can hang up!” Wang Si Yu smiles and touches a nose, very drunk tunnel:”Dew dew elder sister, don’t get angry, was pulled by them to walk in the evening, arrive outside party, everybody drank many wine, I am laid siege to by them, almost suffer embarrassment right before a crow, haven’t pegged out a direction while just entering a house, almost hit a forehead.” Rather expose some strain, depress voice to advise a way:”The small Yu drinks alcohol to too many and harmed a body bone very easily and drew connection with on the wine table, however is just a take part in accidental amusement, orders good, don’t strut about too much.” Wang Si Yu’s point nods and knows that the other party shows consideration to himself/herself and cans not helps satisfiedly on smiling, and then squints Jing, unclear tunnel:”Dew dew elder sister, have to think ……””think what?”Rather the dew increases heart beats, voice some tremble.”Get homesick!”Wang Si Yu’s specialty crumples a forehead,

one face is bad to smile tunnel.Rather exposed to lightly timberland boat shoes urge an one breath, purse one’s lips way:”Certainly thought, this place although good, don’t? is my house, the house is the best place forever, also is the worthest to concern about.””So I?”Wang Si Yu shook to sway ground to sit and took off a shoes, by hand Dian Dian, dynasty waste-paper basket the direction throw down, but deviate too many, hit in the floor of corner of wall, send out’Dong’of a ring.Rather the dew smiles a to smile, beautiful flash across in the Mou one silk disappointed idea, shake head a way:”Do not know you at say what, don’t understand.””I am to say, have to miss me, you are a Christian, tell the truth, otherwise, God will blame.”Wang Si Yu makes longer an orotund way, the words sound just fell, and then kept to pretty stand ground to keep on pouring, by hand the Nao wears head, Hey Hey the ground is silly smile.Rather exposing is stunned speechless, hesitate for a while, just anger Men tunnel:”Small Yu, you how still open this kind of fun, the elder sister can really need to get angry.””Since know to is a fun, also so is the strain why?”Wang Si Yu smiles, and then sighs tone, the tunnel of Xing Xing:”The dew exposes elder sister, you finally aren’t willing to tell the truth, the in the mind thought, don’t dare to admit as well.” Rather exposing is a bit confused and hysterical, a long time, just the side leads body, the specialty touches a cheek, light Qi Zhu Chun, if voice gnat fly tunnel:”Have what don’t dare of, you are my brother-in-law, would not° until more concern go, I concern about you, is a very normal affair.”” So?”Wang Si Yu wrinkles up eyebrows, obviously to this time answer, very dissatisfied.The voice that”that certainly, you, also want how ……” rather exposes is light, the words sound arrived an end and had already silently canned not smell, but be full of puzzling temptation.The Wang Si Yu Peng Peng keeps jumping, also depressed voice and had some exciting tunnel:”The dew exposes elder sister, in a couple of days, I see how are you?” Rather the dew lightly shakes head, silently track:”The small Yu doesn’t go, don’t forget our engagements, can not lead line.””Where is the line ?I however line, want to touch.”Wang Si Yu turned over a body and squinted Jing and by hand touched around on the bed.Rather exposed the ground of Luo Luo to smile, red face way:”Good, you drank and inebriated in a great messly, none of pronunciations knows and quickly sleep, hanged?” Wang Si Yu sighed tone and shook head a way:”Do not go, could not sleep, I wanted to see you and went now, waited me and soon was.””Small Yu don’t play the ass.”Rather expose some quilt of feared, tensings, the voice shivers to beg a way:”Do not come over, never come over, coming can’t opens the door, either.””That I am from the window in climb into, chase you strong X!”The wine vigorously and up flows out and hurtles all of a sudden to the throat eye and feel some Xuan grounds turn, Wang Si Yu sat again, the right hand supported to implant noodles, anger Men tunnel.Rather the dew could not held up, stammer tunnel:”Is small ……small Yu, don’t say crazy words, careful God blames!” Wang Si Yu but put a hand, bend from the waist to touch shoes, sleepy-eyed from drink tunnel:”Do not fear, the dew exposes elder sister, he dares to obstruct, I connect he strong X.” Rather dew listen to, pour a bit in distress situation, just a little settle stop and think, rise to show eyebrow for the Cu, abashed angered tunnel:”If the lo you, all inebriate become what appearance, quickly sleep, lovely, listen to an elder sister, otherwise, Be not willing to manage you again.” Wang Si Yu has already descended ground, fall to bump ground to outwardly walk to, the eyebrow flower eye smiles tunnel:”The dew exposes elder sister, wait me, come right away.” Rather the dew ascends panic absolute being son, take to cry a chamber way:

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February 6th, 2013

Luo Hao stared the Di Ya Lan moncler kids Yi’s eye, she didn’t want to talk and signaled hint her to quickly leave.
Zhao Xin and beard a bellyful of anger dragon, but under Luo Hao’s look in the eyes, don’t dare to go into action as well, can the honesty round Mu language the Die leave, the stone cliff touches touch a nose, doesn’t announce an opinion and also follows to leave.
“Chief, still so dry this time?”Wait until Luo Hao a group of people after disappearing in the wood, that diagram herding mouth Hey the Hey Be strange to smile, ” we know the chief’s habit, can’t rob that bond maid with chief, however that hot Niangs, the chief can taste for us.”
Expect a virtuous look in the eyes of Na more and more the Yin is cold, lightly ordered to nod, “chase the material collections on the demon Mang body first good, in a short while old rules activity.”
“It Be getting more understand.The Niangs in”the diagram herding Hey Hey sneers at, “s also think the Duo Lao Tze’s root, in a short while Lao Tze wants to do to die her!”
“She is a flower that takes a sting, although than you still almost, also previously three heavy sky of territories in the sky, you are a little bit more careful, don’t fail miserably in a very easy task.”Expect Na virtuous humed a , ” in a short while remembered killing a male first of, don’t simply being busy in doing a woman all have a little for me to count and prohibited to release 1!”

“Luo big uncle why wants to walk?”Is on the march, the Di Ya Lan’s short sword is made an effort to split to chop down tree branch, Nu way:”That bastard unexpectedly dares to flirt me and Ms. Mu, I really think a sword to stab to die him!Really grieve me!”
“Two of you if don’t appear, some affairs all have no and bothered a body now, ah ……” Luo Hao sighed an one breath, helpless way:”Do not be getting more bothersome, hurry Shan a little bit farer, hope to hide to pass by.”
“Uncle Luo, we not is walk Yao, also have what trouble?”The Mu language Die Ya however.
“Have no you to think so simplely.”
Luo Hao shook to shake head, “these mercenary soldiers have no a good people, that chief sees the time toward you, vision Yin the Xie is matchless, obviously not kind give up.Just at the time that we left, that four mercenary soldiers that just started to the demon Mang, all expressed of totally unconcerned, can they previous but express the interest of a mightiness to you, this is unsuited to convention, they affirmation know that chief’s Pi, would the milli- is inattentive.”
The Mu language Die Qiao the face Be tiny to change, “uncle Luo, do you doubt that they also seek to come up?”
“Is not doubt, they moncler sale will definitely look for to come up!”
In the Luo Hao heart on sighing, “they didn’t immediately begin, because care demon the material on the Mang body, they are to worry while dealing with us, will the mercenary soldier and Wu Zhe being different from come out to loot their achievements and wait them demon the material on the Mang body lay by, by all means will look for to come up.”
“The Liao tooth mercenary soldier regiment fame is poor, I hear they usually the stem burn to kill to plunder of affair, the Luo big uncle’s judgment affirmation is right.”The beard dragon attaches and way.
“Uncle Luo, ……sorry, we just worry you.”The Mu language Die You You way.
“I am understand.”Luo Hao answered a words, rapid in the body that Lin Jian Lue moves, the Shu ground stops and slowly loosenned to let go of Mu language Die.
The stone cliff also complied with the surrounding to stop down and knit the brows a way:”How?Have already made track for to come over?”
Endorse of saw stone cliff is one eye, Luo Hao noded, facial expression dignified way:”Should be that they came over.”
“Luo big uncle how does?”Beard Long Leng hums a , the Nu drinks a way:”Has gone too far in insult, we put together with them!”
The Luo Hao bushy eyebrows deeply lock and quickly thought for a while, suddenly way:”Di Ya Lan, you walk first behind small Die’s back, the along the road leaves our signals.Small brothers, you and they are a, stay more dessert, had better choose marching forward of district of rare human footprints, the time attention doesn’t want to intrude into Gao grade demon the territory of the monster.”
“What about you?”The stone cliff at quiet asks.
“Our 3 people stays, there is no small Die at, we can scatter to open to make a surprise attack them, as long as dragging along them in a short while, we then will catch up.Those guys could not see beauty, can’t die with us Ke, should be very quick and then will give up.”Luo Hao rapid way.
“It Be getting more understand.”The stone cliff ordered to nod, alarmed a smile:”The big uncle trusts, these two beauty wheres, I where.”
“Go to!”Luo Hao lightly drinks 1.
Di Ya Lan wants to stay combat, but under Luo Hao’s vision, still compromise.
She hates once the ground stamp foot and squat down down to fiercely rise the Mu language Die back, no longer useless talk, keep to rush toward front’s most intensive bush.
The stone cliff hesitated for a while and took out a small paper to wrap from the knapsack, hard fill Luo of Hao hand, way:”This is a kind of poison powder that I unintentionally get, call’seven snake Xians’, from the venom refining of seven kinds of snakes but become.The method of using is easy, put on medicine powder on the weapon, as long as opens a small on the other party body son, can see a drop of blood going ……”
Don’t wait Luo Hao to talk, stone cliff Hey once the Hey smile, the direction leaving toward Ya Lan of Di makes track for.
“Luo big uncle, this kind of way of doing is too a little bit evil?The dignity of the martial of Wu Zhe You is dealt with a person with the poison, so not simply open and aboveboard.”Zhao Xin Zhou eyebrows, reluctantly hope the poison powder on the Luo’s Hao hand, the small voice whispers:”That boy background isn’t clear, hide on the body of is all some Yin Suns cruel trifle, he and Ms. Mu really can not make people rest assured together.”
“Zhao Xin , here, has no so many smelly ruleses.Is previous if not that his eclipse bone powder, we have already become skeleton, you also have no the opportunity moncler jackets for women talks here what open and aboveboard.”

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February 6th, 2013

” Chen Qi becomestimberland boots sale overdo clearly and saw an eye rather a dew, nod a way:”You leave, Luo’s orchid, we early ended.””That good, the Qi is clear, my wishing forever you is happy.”After finishing saying, Luo the orchid wood however ground once turned body and walked to the front of the generous French window, the round rises a chair and spares no effort to hit to go, at’Hua’a ring, the broken bits falls thick and fasts, the shadow of human figure of that powder color, jumped up to keep on jumping.”Don’t !”BE exclaiming a voice, 2 people at the same time rush in the past, stretch forward to hope to go, but see Luo’s orchid have already poured in the pool of blood it, the jet black head is flaunting in the breeze.”Good heavens, did she die?”Rather expose Tan to sit on the ground, hands Wu face, weep aloud.”Have no, have no, she went abroad, can’t come back forever.”Chen Qi trails a heavy step clearly and move toward side toward the door to, stand on the doorway, contemplate a long time, just touch make moves machine, stired a telephone number, voice gave an account severals, hang up a telephone, self-effacing sit down, stare at rather a dew, bad ruthlessly:”Do you know why to want to make her move to abroad?That because, satisfy the request that your mother makes, after survey, she knows I with orchid still live together, and, have already had a kid, don’t depend on Rao not, this descends like, one corpse is two lives, one corpse two lives!””One corpse two lives!”Imitate a Buddha ear to ring out a deep-fried thunder, rather expose Jiao Qu one Zhan, suddenly wake up with a start, the favour kneels in the bedside, the hands hold before chest, devout tunnel:”All-powerful lord, my guilty, please forgive our offenses …… all-powerful of lord, my guilty, please forgive our offenses ……” doesn’t know to kneel how long and rather exposed a body the top beat to cringe and feel a burst of sky of Xuan ground turns, at present a black, ‘plop’1, fall down under the bed, turn a moment, then lost consciousness.The chapter 136 tiny Lan breaks continuously and continuously, be like have a lot of dreams, sometimes is to sit on a ship, jolt in the ocean, sometimes is to ride on the horseback, dash away on the steppe, sometimes then sit in the empty empty church, alone foolish.Though the double eye closes tightly and rather expose at absentminded of, can still keep hearing a singing of angel, that pure hymn once rows sounds of nature and resounded beside in the ear:”The Jehovah is my herdsman, I necessarily don’t go to lack, make I lie-down green grass ground, by the side of water rested ……””we in the sky of father, wish people of this worlds all your be named saint and wish your country advent and wish your aim idea to go among the living, like go in the sky.”Rather the dew blinks an eyelash and devoutly says the prayers, doesn’t realize mistake how long and finally waked up.She slowly opens a pair of eyes, everything of surroundings, become clear, but now, oneself lies in an unfamiliar room, the top of head still hangs to mourn a bottle and turns a head to hope to go, the Wang Si Yu positive Da pulls head and sits on the bedside to nap, full is an exhausted color on the face.”How was this ?”Rather expose Cu to rise to show eyebrow, lightly turned over a body, but felt a burst of to faint, unbearable moan.The Shu ground of Wang Si Yu wakes up with a start, specialty before her sum up tried for a while, light tone way:”The dew exposes elder sister and hasn’t reduced fever, however, have been much better.””Yu, this is where, hospital?”Rather dew stretch out tip of the tongue, closed lightly under some lips of stems,

weakly ask a way.”It is a hospital of the timberland uk Chinese people of the Chinatown here.”Wang Si Yu’s point nods and once takes a bottle of mineral spring and sat to the bedside, the nature starts to hand her and feed she drank several salivas, again in a soft voice way:”Be getting more hungry?””Is a little bit.”Rather expose to feel stomach hungry, red face, voice tunnel.Wang Si Yu hands she to the pillow and hopes a pretty Qiao face of that delicate white, gentle and soft tunnel:”Lie well, don’t move indiscriminately, I next go to dozen gruel, right back.””H’m!”Rather the dewdrop nods, nose a sour, almost shed tears, the body is in the foreign country other place and suddenly get sick and guard the man of the side at the sickbed, unexpectedly is this quasi- brother-in-law, let she is in embarrassed remaining, also some touching.Wang Si Yu is tiny tiny on smiling, lightly wave hand, turned round sickroom, after more than 10 minutes, carry and come to steaming hot preserved egg lean meat a gruel, he hands a dew and rather starts to sit and takes silver Shao to ladle up gruel and carefully blows to blow again and sent to her lips side, light tone way:”The heart orders, don’t burn.””I can go, oneself comes.”Rather exposed to hesitate bottom, then and awkward and shily open powder lips, lovely absorb to grant like infant, have no after a while, the Sai side has been very popular, the way of Niu Ni:”Like, Yu, have already been getting more satisfied.””Is obedient, again eat more point, resume physical strength, just can be good quicker.”Wang Si Yu is like to coax Hai, and then advises she finishes drinking a gruel, eat two eggs, just touch a paper towel, wiped lips for her, handed her to lie down and pull a quilt.Rather expose once the purse one’s lips smile and have some ashamed tunnel:”Really have never thought, you big man, also pretty will look after a person.” Wang Si Yu smiles and puts away thing, the half plays trick half earnest tunnel:”Dew dew elder sister, look after a person sometimes is also a kind of happiness, looking at beauty to drink a gruel, felling be dissimilarity.””Have what dissimilarity?”Rather the dew raises a Qiao face and blinks an eyelash, curious about tunnel.”Wu, that is 1 kind to seldom enjoy!”Wang Si Yu stares at that of lips, in the mind Yang Yang of, inwardly funny, that delicate felling, can only idea meeting, can not talk to spread, which can explain know.Seem to be also to feel a bit not satisfactory, rather dew once the Shan Shan smile and lift up head to hope to mourn a bottle and looking at medicine water drop by drop slide, no longer utter a word, led in a short while, again murkily sleep pass by.While waking up in the afternoon but continuously someone knock on door and come over to visit rather a dew, is a hospital of Chinese people here, patient also mostly Chinese people, all really acquaint with to local celebrities, rather expose is to bend a star, she to hospitalized of news, soon get abroad.Momentary, the doorway rounded many sufferers and still lifted to mourn a bottle in some even hand and all thought a to see Fang to permit, Wang Si Yu came out to stop for many times as a bodyguard, but also useless, the front of door still coaxs indiscriminately of, even doctor nurse all cans not helps following custom and also comes over to demand a signature in succession and matches shadow to keep as memory, extremely its Rao.Good at, rather the dew has been already backed and burned, although the body is still weak,the body has no big Ai and once has supper and just and rather exposed of beg under,

Wang Si Yu prescribes a few medicines timberland boots uk again and carries out and gets out of the hospital a procedure and hands her and returns to a house on a for-rent car.Entered a house, rather dew already the joss-stick sweat sprinkle Li, the Jiao breathes heavily repeatedly and sat Xie on the sand in a short while and resumed some physical strength, enter a bathroom, once hurtled hot bath, and then lay in the bathtub, wash a bubbles bath, wipe clean body, be dressed in a pajama and come out come, Wang Si Yu has already lain on the sand and sleeps just fragrantly now, in the mouth slight of stertor.She silently walks over there and lifts up a legs of Wang Si Yu and puts on the sand and removes slippers and takes woolen blanket and covers with on his body and makes tea to the kitchen again, sit a just across the street sand up, at random took a magazine, carelessly turn over to looking at.Half empress, Wang Si Yu is awake, turn over a body to start to sit, open eyes of spreading all over the thrombus, smile way:”The dew exposes elder sister and just dozed off and almost fell asleep.” Rather the dew smiles a to smile and gentle and softly looks at him, apologetic way:”Yu, return to a rest quickly, let you implicate.””Is all people of the same group, say what those do.”Wang Si Yu takes away blanket and stretched lazy waist, poured cup tea and drinks, drank severals, let go of cup, lightly say with smile:”Dew dew elder sister, now how feel?””Is much better, be sleep somely much, pour spirit in the evening.”Rather exposed to with grace change posture, the magazine of handle knob throws down, the specialty starts to pay Han, the lips side starts to hang up a to put on to movingly smile an idea.Wang Si Yu raises a wrist and saw next form, also no longer than 8:00, smile a way:”That play several dish draughts, time is it’s yet early, I all just sleep before down at ordinary times.” Rather the dew smiles sweetly, soft track:”There are no draughts in home, I am to listen to, play the piano, or lie on the bed.””The life like that is stuffy, should exercise more.”Wang Si Yu smiled to smile, the side led body and paid no attention, the vision falls lengthening whites the delicate beautiful leg is over there up, in the mind for a while, the Luo Mao’s favour changes direction the flank to the head, in case entertain foolish ideas.Rather the dew stood to get up and walked to the piano side of corner of wall to sit down and once turned body, a bit difficult is a feeling tunnel:”Arriving at New York is so long, also have no how to go out to take a walk, tomorrow sometimes, our source turns, however, I am a road Chi, sense of direction badly, if don’t beat a car, all perhaps can not find way home.” Wang Si Yu smiles, considerate tunnel:”Dew dew elder sister, need not, you now body weak, still with concentration calm down to keep, hereafter there is still plenty of time.””Do not relate to, fell much better, affirmation could recover from illness tomorrow morning.”Rather the dew dauts a keyboard, as if deep in thought the ground sighed tone, such as water of piano voice, then fill the air to open.By foot the point of Wang Si Yu beats rhythm and listenned to a long time, start to walk over there, pulled a chair, sit at her body side, wearing a smile hope those ten jades for jumping to point, the mood becomes particularly relaxed.Played one song 《the Danube in blue 》 , rather exposed to lightly urge tone, the specialty kissed a jet black show, soft track:”Yu likes what song?” Wang Si Yu wanted to think, smile a way:”The since big singer has pleasure, s

ing 《 ten send Red Army 》like, remember on TV once timberland store seeing once before, you sang specially goodly!” Rather expose once the purse one’s lips smile, press to move a keyboard, felt attracted ground to sing:”On sending Red Army, rained mountain, autumnal winds light drizzle, tie up continuing, top of hill wild deer, voice the voice Ai call, tree tree parasol tree, leaf ah the leaf fall light and ask a close relatives, Red Army, when person’s horse, again return to mountain ……” singing is exceedingly sentimental, 100 turn ileum, soon, Wang Si Yu infatuates with in this sweet singing and shuts eyes and lightly nod, a song at last, still feel an idea still don’t exert, and turn the head hope rather dew, but see her skin only win snow, double the cheek is dizzy and red, beautiful Mou it, also twinkle another countenance, clearly gorgeous shine on a person, can not force to see.”The song is beautiful, the person is more beautiful.”Inwardly sighed tone, Wang Si Yu’s point noded, light tone way:”The dew exposes elder sister, this song you deduce best and let people listen to, is like the wine that drank sweet Chun, Xun however desire inebriate.””Which is so exaggerated!”Rather the dew smiles, again the purse one’s lips says with smile:”Yu, do you like to sing what song?The dew exposes elder sister to accompany for you.” What about Wang Si Yu mouth, put a hand way:”Still never mind, I am this voice, really can not sing song, dance to return, how, come?” Rather the dew vomited the next tongue, the ground of Qie Qie smiled and shook head a way:”How does that become?The dancing doesn’t go.” Hope her feel ashamed take Qie, the shape of exceedingly fascinating and charming, Wang Si Yu’s heart is big to enjoy, intentionally stir a way:”Why don’t go?” Rather exposing is horizontal his one eye, the tunnel of Jiao Chen:”Which have in the home and the brother-in-law dance of, that is like what appearance, abashed die.” Wang Si Yu Song shrugs shoulders, disapprovingly way:”I pour to feel a nothing important, now all is what age, still fear intimate relations?If according to the old rules, I embraced you to run three in the road last night, can not also sink pig cage!””That is different.”Rather showing face is red, become overdo, the ground of Luo Luo smiled.See this noble cultured beautiful women, peep out very naughty and delicate and innocent one side, Wang Si Yu is itching to do unbearable, lightly say with smile:”Is afraid of, greatly not, hereafter let frost son also and Qi the clear elder brother jump up one song in case the adult of my that brother-in-law feels to suffer a los.” Rather exposed specialty Yan lips, the purse one’s lips says with smile:”Qi clearly is Be not willing to definitely, he who all not afraid, fear frost son.””That was his problem, didn’t relate to with two of us.”Wang Si Yu is tiny tiny on smiling, stood, walked to the wine Chu side, took a red wine, after opening, full two cups, raise wine cup, smile a way:”The dew exposes elder sister, not dance can also drink cup wine head office?” Rather the dew turns head to hope him and smiles to sing tunnel:”Do not go, does the disease didn’t°yet be good, can not drink alcohol.” Wang Si Yu is tiny tiny on smiling, send to the mouth side to the wine cup, closed lightly an one mouthful, Ze Ze great way:”Wine beauty, this night wonderful Zai!” Rather exposed white his one eye,

have never liked to annoy tunnel:”Yu says again to go timberland boots 6 inch crazy words, I can sue in court toward frost son.” Wang Si Yu smiles and nods a way:”That didn’t say that come over quickly, drink less a little wine, have an advantage towards raising to sleep quality or.” Rather expose once the purse one’s lips smile and once turned body, again the quiet mind plays several songs and just delicate and gracefully comes over here and sits on the sand and takes a wineglass and swayed to sway, sincere tunnel:”Yu, come, dew dew elder sister respect you one cup, thank your to with concentrated effort look after.” Wang Si Yu but shake, let go of cup, the Hey Hey ground says with smile:”The dew exposes elder sister, only the oral communication with gratitude don’t become, have to have an actual activity.” Rather expose tiny tiny one Zheng, Cu eyebrow way:”What physically act?” Wang Si Yu waves wine cup, one face is bad to smile tunnel:”Is easy, drink a cup to hand over cup wine!” Rather expose inclined Ni he, smile don’t? smile tunnel:”Yu, which have make with big Yi son of, spread to go, also don’t make people smile dead.” Wang Si Yu sticks out index finger, upward a , smile way:”God doesn’t say that where angel doesn’t say, will spread?”137 chapter ripple??The red wine drinks bottom, light tunnel:”Carelessly fall down while coming downstairs.” Wang Si Yu’s in the mind but is on sinking, put out half smoke, shake head a way:”Really don’t know that you are how to think, why on earth make it lively for oneself.” Rather expose Ce however on smiling, lightly fondle a forehead, silently track:”Small Yu, I Be some to be getting more tired, return to rest, if you feel that the bar that is boring, can go to a neighborhood sits for a while, the flower pot of window sill in, there is a duplicate key.””Need not, the dew exposes elder sister, I am also getting more tired.”Wang Si Yu smiles and follows with eyes rather a dew to return to room leaving wine to drink up and turns round to bathroom and hurtled hot bath, return to room, early and early lie down.The morning of the next day washes Shu to complete and once uses breakfast, Wang Si Yu returns to a living room and picked up the sign type of the side of wall hanger, bedroom entered to rather expose, pin up to mourn a bottle for her, sit on the bedside, pared an apple for her, passed to pass by.Rather dew ate severals, the tears rushes toward Su but descend, some injustice tunnels:”Small Yu, don’t know how of, suddenly get homesick.” Wang Si Yu touches a paper towel, wipe a spot spot on her face tear stain, light tone way:”That invites a leave for several days and go home and see.””H’m, the next week returns to.”Rather exposed specialty to put on a canthus, smile through tears, she at this time although don’t well-dressed ladies, vegetable noodles toward the sky, still delightfully fresh and charmingly feminine, the Jiao Yong is moving, have already grown another lingering charm.Wang Si Yu is tiny tiny on smiling, by hand be rather exposing of forehead up tried for a while, lightly comb her fluffy show hair, silently track:”Dew dew elder sister, afternoon, we go out to walk and arrive to outside relax, breath next delightfully fresh air.” Rather expose’H’m’1, start to pull a quilt, cover captivating curve, tiny Chen way:”Small Yu, you need not guard here, I will shout when medicine water has no.””Be free, take it easy.”Wang Si Yu handle knob the between the eyebrows that put at her, lightly Mo Suo wear, do to have head massage, act light and soft slow, after more than 10 minutes, rather dew shut beautiful Mou, be like sleep soundly in the past, took pleasing smiling face on the face.

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February 6th, 2013

That good, timberland boots sale I received and thanked you, small Yu.”Rather the dewdrop nods and compares a bead chains before chest quantity, put back jewel box, article coffee, lifted wrist to see form, and then hoped Wang Si Yu, smile don’t? smile tunnel:”Quickly to do time of Catholic mass, the church isn’t far, down the back street, go together?””Okay.”Wang Si Yu smiles a station to rise, heel at her after death, door, wanted to think, touch the nose smile, frank tunnel:”Dew dew elder sister, think necessarily you also figure out come, in fact, I be just to religion interested in, come up to speak from a certain meaning, not devout Christian.” Rather exposing back is overdo, the flash across in Mou mischievously smiles an idea, purse one’s lips way:”You, finally be willing to tell the truth, in fact, the front door of Christ is open toward the owner, regardless letter with not letter, as long as the heart saves kind thoughts and often acts charitably to raise, can get lord of bless to protect.” Wang Si Yu’s point nods and hopes that charmingly feminine and moving Qiao face, very regrets tunnel:”That hungriness oasis, I usually browse, really is a good book, can the Di concuss the person’s mind, the modern is social, people’s physical life liked, can in the unseen, but gradually shabby.” Rather expose once the exhibition Yan smile, the specialty touched the hair Ji of touching the ear side, soft track:”Uncle this China once said, the life was one regiment desire, desire the dissatisfied foot is then painful, contented then boring, the life is to sway in pain and sufferings and the boredom.”, She sighed tone again, incoherent talk sort tunnel:”Is only main, so as to give relief to people from painful and boring.” Wang Si Yu ordered a smoke and shook fire machine to put out, smile way:”Sometimes the desire is too strong, let people enchant man’s natural character, doing not know should be used what way solution.” Rather the dew stopped a step and embraced a double shoulder, gentle and soft tunnel:”Is easy, when devil to knock on door, let the lord Jesus open the door, small Yu, we can not change in the past, but can come to for the Jing in future.””Is reasonable.”Wang Si Yu sighed tone, the cigarette ash of Dan Dan, light tone way:”Believed in always okay, can make people strong, also persist more.” Rather the dew smiles one powder lips of smile, starting to close lightly and no longer talk, but is guiding Wang Si Yu and once turns a corner of the street and arrived at back street up, several in addition to ten meters, locate at an old type building of 3 F, Block 1, the top Shu wears red of the cross , under the irradiation of light, seem to be extremely dazzling.On the parking lot of outside in the church, have already stopped full every kind of sedan, but sidewalk both sides, separate several rices each time far, order a candle, the candle outside covers a lampshade and far and far hopes to go and imitate the Buddha is from the church in rush two fire dragons of .Follow a church, appreciate two side fine wood carving, once wore follower of a religion retiring room, arrived at center in the church, the inside had already sat dense crowd, from righteousness work, 2 people receive program list and candle and betwixt face the position of window and seek two empties to sit down.Rather the dew becomes overdo, in whisper way:”This isn’t big, at most can accept 500 people, however, have already had near 150, my coming over to say the prayers weekly , here, can listen main voice.””Dew dew elder sister, the felling is quite good.”Wang Si Yu is wearing a smile to nod, the title hopes to go, but sees positive wall up, hang a huge portrait, the portrait inside is a Jesus be nailed the scene that suffers calamities on the cross, but the portrait is two sides, each have two huge candle of payings.”It be starting.

“Rather dew timberland uk in whisper reminds a way, the hands put before chest and peep out a devout facial expression on the face, the words sound just fell, two little girls that wore white full-length gown walked to come forward Taiwan and sparked those two huge candles respectively, close behind, a female follower of a religion takes six young children who wear black full-length gown to show up and give musical performance floating melody.After giving musical performance to end, the church behind comes out one 30 people’s choir troops of paying, everybody is dressed in white full-length gown and wears the shawl in red on the shoulder, in the left side of the church stand well, at this time, an unsteady pastor walks to come forward Taiwan and start to be surging a hopeless situation sermon not, spread evangel.This pastor although the age is very old, eloquence best, melodious modulation in tone, eloquent, the audiences but uproar of laughter in the audience, but utter silence, but tearful house for sheding tears, being rated as a top-grade speech.BE evangelizing intermittent time from singing the person of teacher class to take the lead, sing praise Holy Bible, underneath of follower, also all along with the singing, when the boon often singing a praise lord grants all will the whole field stood up, loudly singing, the whole church inside, all sink to immerse at fanaticism of among the religious atmosphere.Be atmosphere have to attain Gao.Tide, front row a red youth suddenly starts to stand and raises pistol and loudly shouts a way:”Pastor, you are in the tell a falsehood, this is the god’s punishment!” Chapter 135 surprised dream” bang!Bang!Bang!”The companion wears three guns to ring, when many people haven’t responded to come over, the pastor has already poured in the pool of blood it, the affair livings too and suddenly, public all a bit hard believe own eyes, a short moment of silent after, the screech rises everywhere, in church immediately go it blind one regiment as deep-frying a pot.Is flurried, many people all leave seat and fight to be the first ground to outwardly escape, and at this time, red youth already the gun of handle knob throw away, be fought down by two year men of neighborhood, the on the stage is a few follower of a religions, also quickly rush in the past, kneel at nearby, the pastor lives wound with the towel Wu, urgently salvage.Because have no idea condition, Wang Si Yu’s favour starts to hand rather a dew and protects her with the body and bind in the crowd it, extrude church, rightwards the side walks several rices are far, arrive at safe district, stop a step, the concern ground asks a way:”Dew dew elder sister, you O.K.?” Rather appear color deadly pale, the body leans on in Wang Si Yu’s bosom, tiny tremble, a long time, just move toward side to open from the mouth the hands, frightened tunnel:”Good heavens, did that boy kill fertile pastor En with gun?How can and so!””Yes, too accident.”Wang Si Yu’s point nods and turn the head hopes to go to the street, but sees two police cars with an ambulance of hospital and almost rushes through to come over at the same time, the car stops steady after, the doctor hurtled into with police, not and greatly and in a short while of effort, that pastor drive load lifted out, while publically eying, send into ambulance, roar and shout to drive far.”Leave, the dew exposes elder sister, we are here also help not up what.”Wang Si Yu once turns body and hoped one eye to doorway in the church, hand to haven’t yet recovered from a fright rather a dew, return to a house, entered a living room, poured cup clear water for her again.Rather dew once connected cup, drank several salivas, the complexion a little bit mollified, however, that beautiful Mous,

but show unintentionally timberland boots uk abnormality painful of color, a long time, she vacant the station rise, frightened tunnel:”Yu, I see not to get a bloody condition most , the head was very painful, went first to take a rest.””Okay, the affair has been already borned, don’t think again.”Wang Si Yu also has no and thinks more and follow with eyes she returns to room and then turns round to bathroom and hurtled hot bath and bound bath towel and arrived at a living room and ordered a smoke and started to touch a remote control and at random turns on a television, but sees a white man reporter, doorway in the church is standing just having an accident, cover the spot of eyewitness.Several one who accept interviews, the emotion is all extremely excited, talk incoherently ground to introduce the scene of matter, when the scathing rebuke commits murder a youth, also pray for old pastor, hope that he can pass through crisis, however, after more than 10 minutes, have new news to spread, the old pastor has been excessive because of losing blood and rescue invalid, die in the emergency room.Police still in the survey, but the medium have already dug a many newses, that red youth’s mother, live in neighborhood in the church, three year agos, she gets a strange disease, although having ever been to a lot of hospitals and seeking medical advice,all having no is effective, the body is with each passing day weak to come down.The old pastor’s fertile boon goes to her house to visit after knowing a circumstance and gave her tremendous consolation, and patiently explain and convince a sufferer, declare want ~only the loyalty is at God, lord the Jesus necessarily will bless, her condition soon can recover from illness.That sufferer is originally a devout Christian, while experiencing the molestation of slight illness, all hope to consign on God, not only all day long say the prayers, but also cure for church donating much money, just, from now on, again not to the hospital.However, before half month, the her housebound feeling aggravates and unfortunately dies, still don’t arrive this year 45 years old, that red youth dies mother and blame on the fertile boon body of old pastor up, think to is his to seduce into wrong doing, just make the mother miss the best treatment opportune moment, therefore, once for many times in the different situation, under malicious words, polish off old pastor’s fertile boon, but didn’t cause enough value of the surrounding person, this just brings about murder case.A few place television stations pay attention to very much to the Tu affairs this time, all is reporting this news, and someone invited a few experts and scholars to discuss and disputed the crime problem of nonage, although contend for blush up to the ears, not and mutually let with each other,got around a lot of sharp problems, seemed to have the suspicion to show.See some boredoms, Wang Si Yu turns off a television and returns to a bedroom rest and inwardly feels sorry for, originally and best opportunity to get along with, but steep a girl for this New York because of shooting in the church of go, cover with a layer to flick it don’t go of shadow, is some disappointing.And the room of next door, rather the dew is lain bed up, is also once in a very long while can not fallen asleep, in the moment total at twinkle pool of blood it, the hand and foot has muscular spasms of old pastor, but that face distorted and gradually became misty and changed moreover a face, make she heart bottom a cold, living to limitlessly fear.Rather expose favour to turn on bracket lamp, sit, embraced one regiment quilt, the Quan was shrunken the corner of wall silently sheds tears, Huang absentminded Hu, sink into painful recollection,

those are intentionally forgotten timberland store of things of the past, re- float up the at heart.The whole beginnings, all because of the weekend in that summer, that world noon, she just goes shopping shopping together with friend, but is made a phone call by the mother to shout back and just enters a house, the father then recruited to beckon with the hand, wearing a smile way:”The dew exposes, this is that the Qi is clear, and you know each other for a while.” Rather expose H’m 1, once turned body, go to the living room Pie, see the sand of father’s opposite up, sit a year person, this person although shape thin, seem to be heroic spirit thriving, on the vehemence, the slightest don’t lose to is the father who saves a military district commander member.After seeing her, year person’s eyes suddenly a bright, the vision is full to is stunning with idea of appreciating, he in an absent sort of way stood, fluster unexpectedly had some to allow, let rather the dew is also inwardly satisfied, move forward to walk in the past, once passed right hand, consumedly square square tunnel:”How are you, I am rather a dew.””Rather elder sister, very happy see you, I am Chen Qi Ming.”Take to humblely smile an idea on the year man face, lightly shook hands with her, then sat sand once again, and then resumed that town to settle, speak contentedly and discuss many topics that she doesn’t understand with father.After the supper, under the father’s encouragement, rather the dew and year man came downstairs and shoulder to shoulder walked in the courtyard and listenned to he relate many interesting affairs, half after, two talented persons separate in the front door and wave hand to make do not.Return to upstairs, the father calls her to the in front and cross-examines her to the this person felling and rather expose slanting the head thought a long time and then and lightly shook head, Jue mouth way:”Person be still can of, is a statures short some, also don’t arrive somebody else shoulder Gao, much less, is the age also more greatly so many than me and not too like!” Father rather Kai it but put a hand, disapprovingly way:”Height not is problem, Nepoleon is a little fellow, can almost conquer in the world, xxx statures also not high, while visiting each time those toe Gao Qi Ang’s foreign dollar, all want to lower the head to admire a waist to him, the age said nothing of and greatly ordered well, know a painful person.” Mother but wrinkle up eyebrows, the voice interrupts conversation a way:”Kai it, is be not again under the consideration, my audibility says, this sub- personality in Chen’s house isn’t good, the temper is very irascible, the marriage important event is no laugh matter, relate to a dew to expose life of happiness, is be not again a little more careful?” The father drank tea and drinks, careless tunnel:”The young man violent-tempered orders a nothing important, this son has much of a practical ability, in the future necessarily amount to much in life, this son-in-law is to see okay, so, make them get along with a period of time first, develop feelings.””Okay, father.”Rather dew although the heart is unwilling,the born nature shows filial obedience of she, still keep respecting the father’s meaning.From that time on after, Chen Qi usually makes a phone call to come over clearly, every time round over the weekend, regardless have much busy, the unit will take airplane to arrive to rather expose, make a special trip to visit her, extremely considerate, let the circumferential colleague extremely envy.

The day is getting longer, to this timberland boots 2012 temperament bold and unconstrained year man, rather the dew also gradually produced good will, and, when know this wedding, to household greatly behind having great advantage, she also no longer opposes.After two years long love footrace, 2 people finally fix into achievement and walked into the hall of marriage, can at conjugally on the second day, but born an unexpected affair.That evening, 2 people are tidying up thing, do preparation for honeymoon trip, the home suddenly came a not of guest, that is a be dressed in a pink pregnant woman to pack of little*Fu, knock on door after coming in, stand on the doorway, the wet eye whirlingly looking at 2 people.Chen Qi is clearly a bit embarrassed, the favour made an expression of eyes to her, light tone way:”The dew exposes, you return to room first, this is a colleague of unit, there is urgent matter seeking me.””Okay.”Rather exposed to see little*the Fu is one eye, turned round to go upstairs, sat in the room, in the mind some isn’t a taste, in fact, she once saw that chemisette photograph as well and knew her identity very much, if don’t admit mistake, that is little*the Fu should be Chen Qi Ming’s former wife, is saving the reporter of newspaper work, Luo’s orchid.In the room sit in a short while, listen to the down stairs spread vehemence of quarrel a voice, feel some to worry and rather expose favour to start to come out room and hide in the stairs and look about to the down stairs.But see Chen Qi sit on the sand clearly, the stuffy head absorbs smoke, Luo’s orchid pulled a pair of chair and sat before generous French window, the specialty pointed at billowing belly, restraining tears way:”The Qi is clear, see on the kid noodles that didn’t be born, you don’t want like this unique feeling.” Chen Qi Ming but put a hand, have some impatiently a way:”Like, you don’t want to fought again, the heart is exposed to hear.””Hear and then hear, is the husband whom she rent away me, I have what fear so much!”Luo’s orchid has tears such as rain bottom, fist a pair of boxings, hysterically shouted.”Is unbridled!”Chen Qi Ming’Pa’once the ground clap tea side-table, the Huo ground station rises, and the low voice drinks a way:”Orchid, you don’t want to make a mess of to pretty tie up, we at the beginning but the company measure okay, can not renege.” Luo’s orchid but kneel to pour in the ground, helpless tunnel:”The Qi is clear, you at the beginning say to is a leave divorce, but didn’t make me go abroad, I don’t want to separate with you, really don’t think.” Chen Qi clearly seem to be also Be getting more softhearted, put out cigarette butt, cast away an ashtray inside, sigh a way:”Orchid, so, again give you 2,000,000, don’t keep on making again, if this continues, have no advantage to everyone.” Luo’s orchid but repeatedly shake head, climbed to come over, embrace Chen Qi Ming’s a leg, cry about a way:”The Qi is clear, anyway, I ain’t willing to go abroad of, this isn’t the problem of money, how much money all can not buy love!” Rather the dew saw, the in the mind isn’t a taste rather, force to take to smile an idea, slowly stand down a stairs, arrive at Chen Qi clearly nearby, light tunnel:”The Qi is clear, is this what is the row?””Nothing important, this person has mental derangement, you don’t want a tube, and I come to handle!”Words sound just fall, Chen Qi Ming Luo orchid Ye get up, outwardly pushed Sang, loudly scolded a way:”Roll!Roll quickly!Don’t show me you again, a month inside, you have to leave!” Luo’s orchid has a foothold unsteady, stumble a ground of several countermarches, silently sob a long time, suddenly raise head, have some to in despair stare at Chen Qi Ming, slowly stood, light tone way:”The Qi is clear, you

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February 6th, 2013

Just when I consider already till evening, timberland outlet ship already fix good, fatty for rushing through time to let loyalty sail, these several days we always all on a ship, just arrived nautical mile of excited that the feeling has already slowly become thin along with these several days of affair, I now in mind only a viewpoint, that is to go to beard Mi mountain then clap a bottom to walk person, is doing not steal treasures in tomb as well hereafter, even if is sweep a toilet I don’t steal treasures in tomb as well and sweep a toilet to control breath to almost at most meet a commit suicide by hanging in the toilet, stealing treasures in tomb of his mama is almost a little bit more lucky to meet a Zong-zi, control breath, meet a heap of Zong-zi.Think like after I stand up walk to berth inside, plan sleeping, the fatty sees I come over still that pair owe to beat of smiling face, to my way:”Little cockroach comrade, the organization up wants to have been already descended to reach for your task.””What …what task?”I ask a way.Fatty a pick an eyebrow:”The task is to go to bed at once, Be about to try very hard to tomorrow.”I a , the heart says this still says with you, in this time, the fatty has already all take out the things liked the weapons, I looking at the weapons in the fatty’s hand to swallow one mouthful spittle and ask a way:”Do you want why?Can’t want to rob rich kill people?!”The fatty wrinkles up eyebrows and picked up a to wipe gun to wipe a way:”Be about to try very hard to right away, certainly need to make a what a guy matter.”Say go toward bullet cartridge clip in press, again to my way:”You don’t also carefree, help me at once.”Have a little to have no language in my heart, heart says darling and played CS time before and dreamed to all think that oneself have an own AK-47, have never thought now although I take tommy gun at hand in, have a kind of Xiao redeeming of Shen Ke of felling, point uncertain when I am as foolish as Shen Ke of Xiao the son is at the Ba hedge in plan escape jail.The gun that we leave pays also not much, pick up in the bottom of sea grave of the gun throw of throw to throw of throw, in addition to the my property buys of two remain a long pole hunting rifle accident still two build Germany thunder Si small assault, 3.3 calibers, this kind of gun although than the long pole hunting rifle that I buy good, but the power didn’t grow the gun of pole hunting rifle 5.7 calibers big, however this kind of is been small to assault two wartimes expecting can say to is in the battlefield of on chasing strange Pa, shoot soon quick cartridge clip many, unsteady, Germany once did the time of with France and used of seem to is this kind of gun.I and fatty now be go toward to provide for use here cartridge clip in load a gun, period I discussed the danger that may meet all of a sudden with fatty, the proportion falsely consuming among them had 80%, because I steal treasures in tomb to almost meet that kind of thing each time, I almost and quickly grasp crazy, so the fatty almost give°ed all alcohols to take out this time, those falsely consume afraid fire, as long as we have the fiery words those things affirmative can not chase how are we.After cleaning rifle, the fatty has after asking me this stem over what viewpoint, I surprisedly to fatty’s way:”Why?You can’t again under the plan next time?”Fatty a put a hand:”Which ability?”Say the head of Nao Nao:”My meaning be, we this should be the last ticket, you see, we come to rain in breeze inside go to of not for take to order a clear machine then clap bottom next life to lie to spend money?Wanting me to say is that we start to match after finishing doing this to do some business.”I listen to a fatty have a little to surprisedly looking at a fatty after finishing saying, heart says this fatty in donkey day to unexpectedly know to do business, when I about to speak words, I suddenly feel ship body one earthquake and shake of I and one fatty turned over a heel head, after getting up lookinging at of fatty surprise I, sign Ma Dao:”Go out and see!”Say without extra trouble picked up a to run the gun to go out.I see the fatty think like this an in the mind to lambaste, this silly hat takes a gun to go out why!Fear other people not to know that we are to steal treasures in tomb a thief?I hurriedly make track for go up, open hatch, just discover in the waters of this utter darkness and don’t know what is the row unexpectedly there are still a few lightses in distance, the fatty looking at that lights doubts way:” Meet a ghost ship again?”At this time loyalty way:”Be different from BE, feel the Wei light that seems a boats and ships top.”I listen to loyalty finish saying behind heart a tightly, at this time loyalty become overdo come to I with fatty’s way:”Probably and you are the persons who has one purpose.”Does my heart say that this still says with you?By this time the fatty asks a way:”Have we already led a sea eye now?” Loyalty shake:”Once wanted the words of sea eye to still want from here round in the past, we hadn’t arrived now.””Can directly open toward the direction of our front?”The fatty asks a way.”Can, however the meeting is discovered by the other party.” In this time, I suddenly discover, unexpectedly still have a blacker outline in the sea surface of utter darkness, in my heart a surprised, did we arrive so a place?Chapter 100Remit to match chapter 100 to remit to match the second day dawn, be I see the host of that ship of time, my his mama smiled and kept scolding in the heart God, play my his mama of also need not have fun so?Return is really these miscellaneous kind of hold?I wait person to stand with fatty sigh on the deck, five sons wear one vice- big sunglasses fore the noodles takes the fatty’s tommy gun to play, while the Yang son is in the part smile don’t smile of looking at us.I depressedly looking at them especially with two people of fatty.I a see their five sonses scolding a way:”Small cockroach, does the ah! Hey say you for his mama, isn’t that I said you you with fatty Te his mama to also shameless?Make thing don’t call as well you war ally did two people come right away?”I just meant to say words, fatty stand way:”Is not that I say you big five sons, your his mama this is prejudiced, , match your coming first don’t call we then still say our isn’t not?”By this time Yang son a strength of silly smile, I see the Yang son of Yang son coming right away spirit and scolding a way:”Smile your mama head smile!”By this time five sons didn’t talk idly here and run to come over a light tone to ask a way with us as well:”You exactly met what affair, make so down and outly?”I hurriedly said the affair that we experience, said five sons and Yang son got to shake head and say our true his mama miserably, I finishes saying of time I asks him two how can anyone know this position of, five sons said with me, the time just finished saying I am depressed to have been already got up.Originally, be I give° that the bald son of sea sees of time, sea the bald son expanded to print a , this old thief returned his mama’s deathless heart to tell five sons of this informations, once five sons listen to the mahjongs of this circumstance concussion don’t have fun and then start seeking us, while we have already run to azure stone island at this time, the all of cellular phone breaks down so have never had connection to ascend us, five sons they because of wanting to prepare and plan the reasons like supplies,etc delays in the port for several days.Arrive again afterwards, they also went that ghost hospital, the sea bald son is from the ground floor of hospital in got a piece of silks book, knew the information of the mountain of beard Mi thus, and passed the fisherman of the region to find out our informations and knew that we ran beard Mi mountain five sons they looked for person with the quickest speed and was like a leasing company to rent two boats at the same time, five sons they said the time here I puzzled, according to time top to calculate five sons they are in our behinds, so are those three argosies before our whoses?I puzzle of see toward five sons them, five sons are wrinkly the eyebrow ask me why, my heart says this affair to still keep not being telling them, said to don’t occupy.Walked to come over at the man who takes sunglasses middle age to grow fat of another this times, this person however come O.K., come over me and fatty he the spirit of a belly of mama, the fatty sees the other party to directly scold a way:”Sea bald son you still really aren’t a trifle, already have the plan of this place still don’t call us.”Sea the bald son is embarrassed on smiling, towarded me to call a strong elder brother Zi, I intentionally cold Zhan sea the bald son say:”Ah feed my rabbit Ye, this elder brother can can not stand.”Sea bald son unnatural Nao Nao head, I see bald son of sea so also lazy must manage sea bald son, this person for his mama’s one loafer,cheap timberland boots I make him read for me he the pouring expanded for me to print well and directly, next time I if is managing this bastard, I directly jump into sea in feed fish.In this time five sons also know not is pull leathern of time, clapped us for a while way:”Say on board.”Etc. walks to five sons of on board, I just know five this time provideding with of the sonses much and well, I even still saw the night that the troops use see a mirror, fatty a see these materials sign a horse ha ha shout loudly, picked up a to toward the nautical mile to the gun and sweep 1 turn, make the owners on board the all conditioned reflex Wu lives head.Do I see five sons taking whether these materials intends to take part in war to go to in Middle East?Five sons said this Dou to me to is the last time, how say to can not say to throw own life, either be not?Yang son says five sons to seek 22 people this time to me, the Kua descended how seaport, this Dou is how have goods, say this thing in the Dou to literally take out a 110 bearer food and drinks need not worry, I mean to give a snicker to the words of Yang son.At this time I and the Yang son stand on the islet that sees in front of us on the deck, this islet doesn’t know to what is the row and unexpectedly flood city to relatively be like with legendary spring autumn thou, I once saw spring flood the instauration model of city diagram autumn thou before, spring autumn thou flood city is a more strange fortress, from a crumb for a while the land of the slice conjunction but become, each land see an all connective waterway, from the surprise attack that certain degree came up to say to eradicate completely other troops.The sea bald son says that this islet was that one is whole, but modifies afterwards before with us the spring flooded the appearance of city autumn thou, as for why modified bald son of sea don’t know as well.By this time I ask the sea bald son way:”This is the beard Mi mountain?”The sea bald son shakes and pointed deeper place of island way:”Although beard Mi mountain takes a mountain word but isn’t a mountain, concretely comes to say to mean a place name, this place is from the ancient works inside of jotted down to see is a beard Mi mountain.”Say still added 1:”Right of.”I listen to helpless Song after bald son of sea finish saying shrug shoulders Bang and looking at the island of my in front, thought before vegetation in the forest in Guangxi enough exuberant, who knew to compare with with this place to absolutely is the differentiation of cornfield and vacant land, vegetation in this place often the years was subtropics all placed in, tallest tree even all arrived more than 100 rices, I looking at thus the in the mind delivers cold, in this kind of place, if really have what monster of words we may all have no way backstroke.A stem even now lose the youth person come over to me a to nod:”Strong elder brother Zi, five elder brothers then in call you.”I have a little to surprisedly looking at this person, the heart says ah feed my darling, have never thought the situation that I mix into Ye.The Yang son sees me so on smiling and clap my shoulder, we walked into.The time that walks to the berth discovers that inside in the berth of this just right is almost a person, an all unified green uniform, I see them like this more depressed, five sons are never a person who pays attention to more, this time how willing to give up deliver for these people to fight down?I and the Yang son just came in several individuals let to me position, I scrutinized some people and felt to is all malicious role and saw my look in the eyes seem is that I killed his father similar, my in the mind seeing a little bit delivered cold, and this berth inside also specially noisy, the smoke curled up of, these two people of fatty and five sons at a cake of know to pull Du son, didn’t see situation as well, by this time appeared in public to all come, five sons beat a signal to signal hint calmness, later on did a signal to the sea bald son, the sea bald son understands and orders and walks and comes forward and goes, directly introduction come out us this time at beard Mi the task of the mountain.The sea bald son wants to say of time I originally thought the bald sea son was affirmative to is to say a lot of useless talks again, who knew basically be not so, according to the parlance of sea bald son BE, someone just robbed this Dou with us and heard here me a question way:”Who rob with us?”The others also order and had more very to directly let out malicious words and say with us and rob not and desperately, I looking at to deliver in this public cold, past five sons seek of all of persons is well humiliate, see to this person really not humiliate.By this time the sea bald son saw us public, and then saw five sons, five sons know the time used oneself and came, short cut:”All his mama gives me the calmness to order and listens to the bald son of sea finishing saying.”Five sons a say that finishing is public to is all quiet, I had a little surprise at that time, these people had a liking for to is a desperado how so obedient to five sons?Afterwards Yang son silently tells me, five sons didn’t reveal any information that bury position concerning the last home in advance this time, these people don’t know that the place still wants to depend us, so is a little bit polite to us currently.The sea bald son coughed an one mouthful to take out a map to continue to say again at this time:”Although this island inside is different from the mainland, afraid in have what things, if have us how to should aim at?”The sea bald son just finished saying a fatty way:”Want to say this thing he still really has, for that dooming of small mouse true his mama, first, a big cluster of, biting to die you didn’t°yet temper, in case of there is also that thing in this island how timberland mens chukka boots should we reply?””Those things fear fire, and we as long as take an enough enough alcohol bottle generally speaking is scare them.”I say to them, I finish saying of time the persons in the berth all looking at me, I have a little ashamed.Five sons saw my one eye and suddenly pulled me for a while, seeing of my doubt to five sons, five sons silently the voice is to my way:”You tell the truth, you and whether fatty has already been to?””Have no?”I way:”I how walk with fatty be not all said with you?”I just finished saying five sons to shake and beat an expression of eyes for me, the meaning was to don’t say, I see five sons think like this in the mind oddness, while the sea bald son says after listenning to my parlance at this time:”Go, press the strong son to say of do.”Say ask a way again:”Do we use need not person to go first to explore the way?”The sea bald son just finished saying my in the mind the Luo Mao is a , if this bastard let the words exploring the way affirm me and became vanguard, and this circumstance in the island we were all completely to know not a thing, if several individuals arrived at my noodles not to is to walk into death, absolutely be get fed up with living slanting.Just on the time in my eyebrows tightly wrinkly thinking the fatty says:”You not afraid explore the way of the person return not?Go or not like this, sea bald son you go first to explore us to wait you here.

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February 6th, 2013

“Doing not pack is careless, I am put~to death a fairy king of spread a person, cheap nike max there are two pieces of sign 箓s on the hand, compare with a prince to come strong don’t know how much, even if you get that piece of make card also of no use, it on the contrary makes the card will draw to take your spirit luck to make you thoroughly wither, while I got the third, can freely get into ten thousand boundary Wang Tu, be free from to limit for 10,000 years” inch head youth way:”When the time comes can take you into among them, do you want to is a much big advantage?I took ten thousand when the time comes boundary is Wang Tu much honor again?”

“What?”The leader dead dead in sky looking at inch head youth:”Put~to death the card of making of fairy king, did you incredibly get 2 pieces?That spirit luck compares with a prince, don’t know arrogant how much doubly the prince is a celestial spirits to come down to earth, one goes to the high fairyland the noodles declines to drop down of, you of the birth seem to be than him to add unimaginable?”

“Is quite good, I am to add than him unimaginable” inch head youth way:”My background isn’t what you can can guess, honestly tell me now, is that a cake of’s making a card exactly a where?”

“Advantage, I need enough advantage” leader way in sky:”There is no advantage, I am to can’t don’t also covet to kill me with yous that you cooperate, although you are strong,I own 1,000 kinds of methods to escape, can kill my person, world still the nonentity don’t believe you to try”

“The old fox of craftiness” inch head youth is in a short while silent, suddenly come to a jade volume from the bosom break out of, there is also a peculiar small bottle gourd, the bottle gourd is a jade color of, can see a small world among them, the core of small world is a Dan medicine

“This is an absolute being class Chi Kung book, next absolute being class Chi Kung 《 big way vitality all-powerful diagram 箓》, also have a big way all-powerful and immortal gold Dan, once keeping on taking, revolve true spirit, soon can fix into this absolute being class Chi Kung, I get from ten thousand the boundary Wang Tu of an ancient fairy leave behind, oneself originally should practice moral teachings of, but I practiced moral teachings 《ten thousand kings put~to death fairy spirit 》 of put~toing death the fairy king and compared with this Chi Kung to still want deluxe state, there being no time the another Chi Kung was at the self-discipline”

The inch head youth seems is descend net cost:”However I tell you, you don’t covet to get an advantage executive officer feeling not”

Surge in”next absolute being class the Chi Kung is incredibly an absolute being class Chi Kung” leader heart in sky, this cheap air max uk is the thing that he longs for day and night, after getting, real strenght affirmation will advance by leaps and bounds of growth

“Go fetch, went fetch me to tell you, does that sign 箓 that put~to death a fairy kings drop into to arrive where?Yang Qi killed a prince and accepted to pare off his havings on that day, but there is mysterious strength on his body but can not accept this to make card, this breaks the card empty flew to go out, fell into our Hong Huang of an ancient historic relic of star area in”

“What ancient historic relic?”The inch head youth hurriedly asks a way

“The thing goes fetch first” leader in the sky disappears a rabbit absolutely still the Sa eagle is not

“Like, like well” inch head youth way:”You take an oath, say to help I take to arrive the third put~to death a fairy king of make card, have an asseveration, I would give you, otherwise of words I can’t believe you, either”

“This has no problem” at that moment, leader in the sky delivered a poisonous Shi, immediately inch head the youth gave him this way book and Dan medicine, but leader in the sky didn’t immediately swallow and self-discipline, but very carefully collected and set out down at the same time multiple to print

“Is really a skillful person” inch head youth way:”Trust, I want to make ghost, can’t up make here however also literally you, you can say now, exactly dropped into what ancient historic relic in?”

“Is a Hong Huang in, in those early years some tycoons and enjoy a hell battle very much, tee off of an abyss, be called’received nightmare hopeless situation’, I in fact and early for prince body up put~to death the fairy king’s sign 箓 to have clear understanding, ever how many want to get into to receive nightmare hopeless situation, but be all impeded back, this is a be full of the evil fighting idea of fairy reads of hopeless situation, you can get into among them?”

“Hum, what hopeless situation, still peter around ten thousand boundary Wang Tu, immediately take me to go to, as long as I got the third sign 箓 , can also lend support to you the emperor is at the Tai university in further how?I have no door to have no parties now, you can I the arrangement get into an university to come to deal with Yang Qi together”

Inch head youth way

“Since it is so, we walk”

Bomb Long

When 2 people want to walk, saint mainland king again delivers an earthquake huge for sky ring, huge over there ring in, nike air max 2011 a star variety succeeded

This is a star of matchless beauty, all of bodies is verdant, like ancient various absolute being crosier up, become for Wen Run’s treasure jade most , from a distance saw go out, such as a huge jade ball suspend at dark of star sky deep place, a jade of takes light dizzy, surround this star to revolve, up unclearly invite about of can see, many work properly mountain, holy land, the lovely view was born

The strong space produced storm and outwardly rejected

Particularly BE, outside the star of this jade color, also surrounded 1,100 small scaled satellites although these satellites are small scaled,in fact a s want all compare an original plentiful Rao mainland greatly get many

Satellite the top is also to fix true holy land and only compare with saint mainland king mother the star still need to differ some

Owned the star of satellite, represent, probably the development becomes a star area

Even if the earthquake Dan of those early years mainland, also have no satellite

However now of”saint mainland king” compare shake a Dan mainland to want deluxe must own 1,100 more satellites, each satellite can live numerous people, keep on having been developing like this, backlog vitality, the number of satellite will more and more, mother the star will be also more and more strong and arrive an end, the influence is more and more arrogant

Now regardless is inch head the youth is still a sky, leader all felling come out, the whole saint Wang Xing’s defense compared with to come before strong Be getting tooer many, all of everywheres are ancients fairy the breathing of, the ordinary people aren’t likely to offend to break

Once”walk, this small cheap trick, absolutely funny” inch head youth wave hand and greatly mark time but go to

“Finally promote mainland king of saint for the sake of the star, the area extends once again” fairy foetus divides time to looking at huge star to slowly revolve and vomited an one breath, now the whole star already the just about jade turn, all of this are the spiritual influence densities to arrive certain state to totally have more than 1,800 grain satellites, all of satellites are 2 times that of originally plentiful Rao mainlandses, and the top can also live a person

And, promote for a moment of star at mainland king of saint, the huge energy also starts feedback and got into this body of the hell of Mo He top

Yang Qi of this, the original beginning meditates to adjust an interest, but now over the head, an insect hole appears, the huge star air max tn promotes energy landings to arrive body up, immediately make him in high spirit, all over the face red light, seem the tablet that ate a to record to greatly repair

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February 6th, 2013

I remembered watching television a top before,timberland boots if is pure tornado is have no what kill to harm dint, but the object in tornado turns velocity one be up to the around ten thousand turn, this lets the thing of inside form a kind of very sharp ground meat machine and regardless all what things escaped not to open thus sharp thing.Now although we is in the nautical mile, the thing of nautical mile water and fish don’t have other impurities, besides which, at that kind of the high speed become of tornado in, even if is a piece of thin papers can lightly and easily and easily tear to pieces our human body.Tornado leaves us at this time more and more near, although we aren’t districts in the center of breeze here, just an edge district, this edge district also enough we were subjected to, the cordage on the mast is hanged of shout to fly indiscriminately, and breeze in mix up with some bottom of sea egg stone and some fragments that sink a ship, slightly inattention these egg stones will leave a hole on our heads.I see their[one] one or two head leaked out, I pull to shout loudly to them:”Hold up head with some things!”I repeatedly shouted 2 times, but they seem deaf similar basically have never heard I talk, on the contrary a s all grasp in the palisades top Yi tooth mouth of, I see them thus the heart say that the in the mind character of seaman hasn’t stolen treasures in tomb the thief’s in the mind character strong, true sorrow.The breeze leaves us at this time more and more near, the ship body has already tilted to one sided quickly, my heart says that my standing outside the deck isn’t pared off by the breeze and walks be drive the rock in the breeze to batter to death, also rather try very hard to and run to inside in the berth, think so I hurriedly the facing berth rush and go, haven’t run two roads my after death spread huge strength, I didn’t keep equilibrium all of a sudden and fell down on the deck, but the breeze at this time is more and more big.I that split second signed a horse to receive, is first a Wei light one of the Pa Be getting grounder, then the whole sheet iron build of on board noodles many places all Shan spark, also spread the voice of Bang Bang of settling the frailty, I a see an in the mind that cold, hurriedly protect head, at this time the continent of the Ge is to go crazy similar from the bridge house inside down want to run to inside in the berth, immediately several individuals grew up mouth, later on I see Ge continent be like at clap a gun battle slice similar, is a Leng first over there, then the body Be unnatural to tremble, some objects that hang in the breeze are to spread the everywhere bullet similar pair of in a sky the bodies of the Ge continent beat of whole is a hole, the bloods all became fog-like in shape, if not that I am experiencing I still think that the Ge continent is clapping a television, I want to pull over him and just prepared to stand up and then be suppressed that split second, once I see that person is a fatty, the fatty towards me to shout loudly compare row, meaning BE:You weren’t and desperately!You go to is also walk into death!I looking at a fatty to have a kind of felling that thought and then died to calculate here, the whole ship bodies are all indiscriminately flown now of piece of stone’s beating all is a hole, and the piece of stone is more and more intensive, I feel that the hair silks of my top of head was all beaten by the piece of stone, the fatty sees this circumstance suppresses me and do to begin power to me and signal hint is that we crawl to go forward inside in the berth.I looking at a fatty, and then saw for a while on all sides, the heart says berth all perhaps insecurity, in this time, around burst upon in the storm a small white point that pretty much stabs an eye, my in the mind a surprised:This breeze also too NB?The sun all to pare off down?I realize that that isn’t the sun, however that is exactly small to only order later on is what, just at I question of time, that was small to only order to fly to come over with the very quick speed, I am getting more dizzy, depend, all say that the bottom of sea has UFO that split second I originally still didn’t believe and had never thought to still really meet this time, unfortunately didn’t take camera, I am about to let at the time that fatty saw, the fatty is to see what monster similar Zheng big mouth, my heart says to see an UFO you also need not frightened become so?Even now, that only order have already hurtled to deck front, evaporate the time of sea water send out the sound of Chi Chi, in this time, the a sound that sends out a tediousness that only orders to rush toward, that only orders to sign a horse to extend a lot later on, I a see this circumstance in the mind understand:Who his mama put flare indiscriminately!However I recalled right away, we dided not also take flare!When the flare explodes to open I hurriedly the Wu lived my eyes, deeply wearing own handses can feel the fieriness of that ray, is like that it’s super to do B, I even can see my own blood vessel.Wu’s wearing eyes can feel that eyes repeatedly deliver painful, I am like a dead person similar lie prone the deck up doesn’t dare to move and probably led to have 20, that flare finally put out and left of in addition to the trace and iron ball have nothing at all of one big slice of burned black on the deck.Chapter 99The sea eye(bottom) chapter 99 sea eye(bottom) but the wind force at this time has already had a little weak, read Virgin Mary in my heart, hereafter I promise no longer rain sea, even now I raise head and look to frighten me a to greatly jump, the breeze hangs of direction already a clear sky, but here still black sky of, see this me depressed, all say east for day fine west rain, have never thought return be really return so a matter.The fatty clapped for a while at this time, I protected head to ask me the way:”Just that flare his mama who put?””?I which know?”I question way.The fatty did a facial expression way for contemplating:”Should just let out flare to come then book is in the breeze, say?!”Fatty’s two eyes put light:”Really there are others in this place?”I looking at a fatty, the heart says to beard Mi the mountain has others this has already needed not to doubt, the fatty sees the wind force let up and hurriedly run a stairs to turn Cape place, I see a fatty this an in the mind whatever to say to all don’t want to see Ge of the corpse of continent, the fatty spread one to shout loudly at this time:”Have nothing at all how?”My heart says can’t?Hurriedly ran in the past, indeed as expected, the stairs turns Cape place in addition to abundant blood stain have nothing at all, I puzzle:Did the corpse of Ge continent drop to nautical mile?Thought of here, I could not help wrinkling up eyebrows, if not that I stubbornly come to this place with two people of fatty the Ge continent probably can’t die, how say that they are all completely persons who has no knowledge, but we …thought of here, I sighed an one mouthful.The fatty claps my shoulder at this time, seem to know that I am just thinking what, I see toward the fatty see the fatty is a kind of very light however of facial expression, seem to be deadly isn’t a person, the fatty discovers that I am seeing him, helpless one stand hand way:”This person died to can not live, either be not?You kneel for three days and three nights here, can the Ge continent live down?”I mean to have no language to the fatty’s words, the fatty sees I not the apprehensibility clapped my for a while shoulder, timberland boots uk say:”The person dies to return to life and point uncertain we all have this day and early die early super living, now we in addition to don’t can make anything as well like this be not?”Say order to have a smoke.I see a fatty thus helpless Song shrug shoulders Bang, the wind force at this time still has a little big, the Ge continent just died many none of moodses of seamans are good, I also experienced the power of great universe for the first time, always thought before that the most terrible is the Zong-zi in the ancient tomb, clap all of a sudden to die you have no temper, but a Chien is simple the tidal wave of list but clap to die one a while ship the person can not have a temper.Loyalty be not done know where sought a few joss-stick, and then folded a few gold dollar treasures, after ordering throw at nautical mile, after the event I once asked loyalty this is what mean, loyalty say that this is a kind of funeral form to the dead, because different funeral form in the location is also different, loyalty speak a general whole corpseses of the person of seas all stay not next, can make of also only have these.Loyalty run to see loss after finishing saying how go to, I saw more walk for a while more far tornado, the heart said that how this tornado in donkey day doesn’t give°s the fatty blewed away.When we return alive from the foot of tornado, we all counted supplies, this not number not know a count get a fright, in the supplies on the deck all about be hanged have no, O.K. there is still in the berth 1:00, the front of the deck blocks plank top whole be beaten by the crushed stones of big pit biggest I of the fists can put into, mast from in the center break, half pour in noodles in Shui-li, the glasses in the bridge house are all black-and-blue thin ground thin ground, row and pull and row and pull and all seek not whole, and we of the motor was also beaten to break down, fix and also be good friends with for several hours very much.See here my in the mind a panic a pleased, pleased is that we finally can take a few days off, need not seek the beard Mi of that blast it mountain.Is being panic must stay in the ocean to hard to say a meeting to meet again for several days what storm of type.At this time the color of the sky already gradually and late, public literally do one stammer of, I have been thinking an in the article of death front of Ge continent of appearance full rice, fatty seem and has no a matter person similar should eat should drink, however is not over there either to talk idly.After having supper we compare to own route diagram for a while, we leave a sea eye to about still have or so two nautical mileses now, loyalty have been saying professional technical term over there, I don’t understand as well, the fatty has been being doing not understand to pack to understand, having been promising over there, be not is boon, then is leaping out a so that’s why.I have already taken out that bottom of sea route diagram at this time, loyalty compare to contrast after seeing several eyes the other party to say to us the direction of the mountain of beard Mi is before sea’s eyes side, can say to leave a sea eye not to arrive one nautical mile, I hear my heart say bother:The sea eye is a huge whirlpool, the vacuum force of this whirlpool isn’t get away from, if we hastily sail into to be arrived inside in the sea eye by book, and the beard Mi mountain leaves a sea eye not to arrive one nautical mile, so enter of distance affirmative also under the influence of sea eye, so we are alongshore a problem, and …thought of here I was interrupted by the fatty, I see toward the fatty, and the latter takes to hit the ground diagram to my way:”Our current positions are here.”Say a place of circle that the map up draws:”Want to this place, we directly rounded to go in the past.”I cautiously saw the map in the fatty’s hand, we wanted to round a past place to have some reef, and I ask a way:”Once the ship touched reef to break, when the time comes we live mountain in the beard Mi?”The fatty shakes head, haven’t talked loyalty way:”Get here after we open small vapor boat in the past, so safety.”I looking at their 2 to say that you love how to do how to do, I breathe fresh air to the deck breath.After finishing saying I walk to the deck is up.Don’t know why, specially vexed recently, particularly is that we leave beard Mi when the mountain is more and more near I feel these affairs seem in exist scheme, five sons they seemed the human life to evaporate similar what informations all had no, our calculating them has already got to this place, according to way affirmation of five sons is to call on greatly helping a person then all what things doing not get to still kill a much older person, I thoroughly grasp the genius viewpoint of five sons in Guangxi.But different now, after all is us conjectural of, if we calculate Be getting wronger of words fatty have no quasi- still true pull I make our two people enter beard Mi mountain, after all this person has no way to control, preach manage him will speak than me, theory force I still beat however he, I even all thoughted of that knocking is dizzy the fatty brings back, I afraid fatty’s eye one Mi feet one Duo knocked me dizzy to take beard Mi mountain.Thought of here, I can not help again vexed get up, beard Yu, show, I, timberland womens roll top fatty, we how many persons why all want to be for dear life to beard Mi mountain?The beard Yu is that one that I know is unique a walk the mountain is into the beard Mi of the ancients, but he has no on the hoof come out, it is the second to show walk the mountain is into the beard Mi of person, he too unlucky dead at also have bottom of sea grave are exactly who in the host at first halfway?That can take the woman of battlefield of gold Ge exactly is who?Thought of here, I suddenly remember to come to another women, is that black that woman of mine is in the hospital and come up to see according to the diary that he leaves, he has ever been to beard Mi mountain, and for being with me contend for robbing box to still beat with me, thought of here, I come right away spirit, that woman doesn’t know is the nunnery comes out of still where come out of, his mama’s Diao people, particularly kick my chin.

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February 6th, 2013

“Yi!”One person the call sign of moncler uk the surprise, ” beauty, the Hey Hey, unexpectedly has two beauties here, it has been two months since Lao Tze flapped about here, haven’t seen the beauty of leading this kind of Class.”
“Chief, you canned once promise us, the demand in this aspect of here willing satisfy us of, you can not talk not to calculate words.”
“Shut up, have never seen famous courtesan to have a lord?”
The stone cliff is slow to walk to come over, knit the brows wreath to attend to on all sides.,
On the ground, a burning wood grain that all over has fire, the huge boa of height 78 meters, in the tail light of fire Yi Yi, put on the body full arrows Shi, head two eyes in the center have a blood hole, positive”Gu Gu” emits blood.
The flank in”fire cloud demon Mang” rounds eight mercenary soldiers that are dressed in of same race Wu Zhe Fu, they bare a left hand arms of up, all the line wears a Liao tooth tatoo, these mercenary soldier a height body strong, looks thick Hao, differ most of also have the fixing of territory of inborn for.
That is brown for the chief of head the short hair is like steel needle, the root root sticks out, is together long on the left face long of wound Ba, one extends a Bo neck and seems to be extremely ferocious on his face.
The stone cliff by a happy chance sees the person of this Liao tooth mercenary soldier regiment after coming over, a rubs to begin, two eyes give out light of at Mu language Die and Di tour of Ya Lan Shen, these Yin Xie in the people’s eyes mean to see at a glance.
The only the chief didn’t see Die and Di Ya Lan toward the Mu language, but the calm and steady face and Luo Hao shrinks in the cuff of sleeve towards seeing, right hand, that cuff of sleeve often the Shan is one in fine threads and silvery ray of light, prepare to begin homicide at any time.
“Go home to see your Niang going!”At these mercenary soldier Yin Xie of under the vision, Di Ya Lan leads off to cannot help but and denounces openly.
“Ha ha, this Niangs are enough and vigorously!Is that I like of type!”One exposes chest, the chest hair thick vulgar mercenary soldier roars with laughter and claps a leg to call a way:”Chief, this Niangs I wanted!”
“There is kind that come over!”Di Ya Lan pulls out short sword between waists and puts a posture of battle, “, I see you taking a kind or not!”
“Ha ha, that I came!”That big fellow is jubilant, will hurtle to come over.
“The diagram herds!”Expect Na virtuous lightly drink a , light way:”What affairs can talk, don’t wildly move.”
“Knew chief.”Be named the chest hair big fellow Hey of diagram herding once the Hey smile, toward Di Ya Lan Ting pretty next body, the Yin smiles:”The Niangs, we in a short while take off clothes play hand to hand fight, that just vigorous, you knew big Ye badly when the time comes!”
“I will chop that several two meats of yours.”Di Ya Lan nowise shows weak sneer.
The Mu language Die Dai moncler kids eyebrow tiny Cu, full is an abhorrence on the Qiao face, but didn’t say more what, be like have already become accustomed to.
“Who let what you come over?”Luo Hao heart in on jumping, the dark way isn’t good, he understands the temperament of these mercenary soldiers very much and hunts to kill a demon the mercenary soldier of the monster in this district, lead of is an edge of knife up lick the life of blood, point uncertain that day drive demon the monster tore to pieces.
Because this kind of pressure has been existing, the person in this a piece of activity, can’t speak what morals reason method, usually do to burn the affair of killing the crafty Lue.
Mu language Die and Di Ya Lan is all beauty, the beauty is the resources that is sparse to lack here, the young and delicate body of beauty is to alleviate pressure to bestly adjust an article, so Luo Hao a see they come out, know to want a bad matter.
The Hao body that the stone cliff is silent to come over here, stand at Luo secretly conjectures the person of those Liao tooth mercenary soldier regiments beside.
“The diagram herds!”The chief of the Liao tooth mercenary soldier regiment expects Na virtuous drink a , on trembling, the wound Ba on the face’s facial expression ferocious way:”Get material!”At the time that he talked, Yin cold vision still just Human bodies, such as Luo Hao and stone cliff…etc. up go around and inspect, in the cuff of sleeve the silver light Yi Yi.
“BE!”The diagram herding no longer teases Di Ya Lan and flick, and then has three mercenary soldiers to come forward and holdses a bayonet, 4 people whole body blood of the activity wear on”fire cloud demon Mang”, well-trained of demon the Mang peel a twitch, demon the eye pupil son of the Mang dig down, demon the Liao tooth of the Mang a very careful root pull out.
Expect Na three virtuous and the remaining mercenary soldiers, have been looking on coldly to hope Luo Hao and stone cliff a group of people, as long as Luo Hao has any changes, they will make moves to harm a person right away.
Luo Hao calm and steady face, the Kuo sword in hand is also that the ray of light is concealed now, way:”We to’fire cloud demon Mang’some interests all have no, you favour, we this leaves.”Luo Hao saw Ba Na De’s must not be offended, don’t want to create unexpected complications, thinks breakfast Mu language the Die wait until a safe place.
Expect Na virtuous a see Luo the Hao wait a person to really need to walk, tiny tiny one Leng, sudden way:”Wait for a second.”
Luo Hao turns round, the facial expression is suddenly cold to come down, hum a way:”Is each, we don’t want to have with you what dispute, but everyone don’t also excessively.”
“Hey Hey.The “expect Na virtuous smiled to smile, slowed down on the face, ” friend misunderstood, I didn’t have another meaning and just wanted to do a bargain with you.”
“What trade?”Luo Hao’s one Leng.
“Use’fire cloud demon Mang’of an eyes, three Liao teeth, add two meters Mang skin, change those two women with you.”Expect Na virtuous pointed to Mu language of Die and Di Ya Lan, smile way:”I this a few brotherses suppressed for a long time and needed to be solved for a while.The woman here is all negotiable, I feel this price returns be regarded as justice, do you see?”
“***!”Beard Long Liang Yan absolutely needs to spray fire.
Zhao Xin Leng hums a , the Mu language Die is to lightly bite to bite a tooth, in Di Ya Lan Shou once the short sword flick and call a way:”Have kind to rob!”
Only the stone cliff squints, a speech doesn’t deliver.
Luo Hao stretches hand to make Di making a mess of of Ya Lan and lightly shakes to shake head and turns round a cool way toward her:”Is sorry, they are my colleagues, not my privately owned wealth and properties, how much none of things exchange.”
“, That calculated.”Expect Na a little bit virtuous nod, at will way:”Shall meet again.”
“Shall meet again.”Luo moncler coats for men Hao deeply hoped his one eye and drank low a way:”We walk!”

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February 6th, 2013

But now, the jade quality Chi Kung dividing time along with the fairy foetus nike air max permeates into space, space is matchless and hard, don’t say to is a legend three to change, even if is four change 5 lines change, five change the yin and yang change, six change the persons whom the realm changes can not wear through, can in the sky and abruptly fly, any further have no use finesse of ability

The noodles is more strong, the space structure is more stable, therein more can not break open space to move in a sudden

Legendary fairyland noodles, even if being big saints all can not move in a sudden and only arrive for a sky, , so as to force to break open space

“Like, like well ………” Yang Zhan Dao:”The space structure starts to be stable and also represents, promoting of the whole mainland started, and the strange son would chase this mainland, became fixing of a firmness true star and compared to shake a Dan mainland to want hard country”

The way of “I incredibly can at livinged of year, see a promoting of mainland” sun and moon leader concussion:”At the beginning the prince makes me go and live with him, absolutely is to dream, with prince that kind of little belly chicken bowel, got some person with haughty air fortuitous, how can compare with Yang Qi?That leader was together also a blind, persistently supported a prince, killed now, kill well we is a birth of miracle the witness, but that leader, then live in the blackness of distortion during a lifetime”

“Our brothers, incredibly so great ……..”

Is some and Yang Qi become sworn of brothers, all the heart contains emotional stirrings, the whole mainland promotes and get an advantage biggestly is also them

“H’m?Strange son of this divides time and incredibly make the jade arriving the state like this emperor the Xuan Qiong Shinto self-discipline in sky?Start three Wu inborn jade sources, coagulate the country of jade, according to the truth, he has to would not° until several thousand years arrive this degree”

Hang empty mountain deep place, in an unknown space node, the Holy Mother opened eyes

Her vision looking at saint mainland king brightly, like a jade ball, is taking place to change, know that these are the whole vitality of mainland and the Chi Kung creation that fairy foetus divide time to conclude to match, complement each other, make the Chi Kung that the fairy foetus divides time greatly enter, incredibly arrived the state of three the Wu inborn jade sources

The whole saint mainland king, the color is more and more verdant, but the glory is astringent, don’t shoot to go out

This expresses, he absorption vitality, don’t jet.Vitality, arrived a kind of to swallow don’t vomit of state, cheap nike max hide inside the vitality, embrace a dollar to guard a

The star promotes, similar to others’ self-discipline

“Is damned …….”

At unreal deep place, but have a pair of vision of old grudges, looking at here the host of that vision, is a middle age, have the leaders the qualities of the minister, on seeing is a body place a high usually, the Yi points to annoy to make of somebody, but at this moment, but under wild

This is Yang Qi’s old opponent, college of leader in the sky still deeply sink than the prince, drive Yang Qi after putting out college in the sky get into Tai emperor university study, have been all being hibernating to think that the opportunity to look for revenges

Now, his state, incredibly also promoted to arrive in the sky, looking at promoting of saint mainland king, almost can not restrain in the heart and envy with the flame of old grudge

“Is these days of, the Holy Mother, also have your Yang Qi it may be said is a big hair might of god, killed the north Chen fleet, and then put out to shake a Dan mainland, even that saint female also put out, unfortunately I can not help them ……..”The face of leader up, present come out painful air, he and the earthquake Dan of the earthquake Dan mainland the saint female of the temple of the gods has one silk cordiality, positive as it does, he just try very hard to support a prince, but now, the saint females are all killed, the chain turns into mainland origin, often on thinking of this affair, pain not the desire living

Regrettable BE, for this affair, his some ways all have no can helplessly looking at a lover be killed

“Yang Qi, you incredibly all came out from ten thousand the boundary Wang Tu, however I can’t pass yours, you and sword 17 openly defiant actly get into an invincible hall, kill the nobility student of Ba lord hall, with lend this, I can greatly do an article”

The leader was one Shan, disappeared:”Now, to the dissatisfied tycoon of invincible hall very of many, your judgment day is about to arrive”

This kind of stroke, almost make his despair, he only asks for help of outside dint and provokes to leave, just can successful

“Ze Ze, Ze Ze …….The open sky of leader fixs a remarkable talent, now but degenerated the situation of the dog of a funeral house, really have some unfortunately not equal to I to help you to revenge”

Gnash the teeth with hatred in the leader, moment will leave, suddenly a voice delivered from the ear

“Who” the leader truely get a shock and become overdo, saw a person

That person is a youth, wear yellow clothes, the youth of plank inch head, pretty much spirit, but also have hatred in nike air max 2012 the vision poison, the dead dead has eyes fixed on general saint of that jade ball mainland king, will begin, very long after, pressed the Na to live the viewpoint in his/her own heart

This Huang Yi Cun head youth, is exactly at ten thousand the boundaries ate the mysterious person of big Kui in Wang Tu and put~to death a spreading of fairy kinged person

Although he now still the big saint is three ranks,the breathing on the body wants than college of leader in the sky arrogant must almost can arrest the other party at any time more

Leader in the sky also the body Be tiny to shiver for a while, the sweat hair stands up, and he saw out the terror of bearer

“Do not fear” Huang Yi Cun head the youth say with smile:”I have no malice to you, it is to have much of malice to strange this to pour, this person in ten thousand boundaries Wang Tu Shen deeply uttered me 1, get numerous advantages, my the truth tells you, on his body, there are more than 100s too the thou the egg of the absolute being insect”


Leader in the sky almost jumps up, “more than 100 the egg of the too ancient absolute being insect?Is this true?Is this a legendary fairy thing?How to may fall into to arrive his hand up?”

“He displays out a stratagem” Huang Yi Cun head youth way:”From many too ancient tycoon’s hands, seized these things, how?If this news delivered to go out, will arouse sensation in the Tai emperor’s university, many old curios will make moves, is strong line of to demand to him and still fear to have no opportunity to deal with him when the time comes?”

“What do you tell me this news, exactly is a stem?”Leader in the sky was vigilant

“We cooperate, just having opportunity to put out this is strange” inch head youth shuts eyes, seem and is feeling what:”If time grewed again, it is very likely that the this strange growth arrives a situation of fearfulness, we can not stop him, however I want to ask you to lend one thing”

“What things?”Leader in the sky always sees not and deeply the background of this youth, in the heart at continuously consider:”Do you exactly want to do what?”

“Put~to death the fairy king’s sign 箓’s where?”The inch head youth at every step and tightly forces, ” on that day, the prince is killed by Yang Qi, he owns of a cake of put~to death fairy Wang Fu 箓’s people all legend fall at Yang Qi’s body up, but actually I but know, very probably at great of put~to death fairy will king guide under, this sign 箓 flew to walk you is approach a prince most of a , deeply can not measure, I know that you are also scheming air max bw this sign 箓 , now for the clues of this sign 箓 , you should have a clear conception of”